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( No Zuo No Die Why You Try (3)

“What other choice do we have? Am I supposed to just leave you all alone? You’re ridiculously busy at work every day… and when you get home, you can’t even have a hot meal to eat?” Tang Chuan laid out his hands, shrugging his shoulders weakly.

His words were genuine and touching and it sent warmth through Qin Ning’s heart…

After a while, she looked up at him and said, “Little Chuan, thank you very much for taking care of me during these past days, helping me out at work during the day, and cooking and cleaning for me in the evenings… Really… I’ve really bullied you a lot… but my dad’s suggestion is impossible to agree to. I can’t bully you like that… I can’t burden you with the name of a live-in son-in-law for my own benefit…”

“So you’ve never really liked me? You don’t want to be with me no matter what, right?” Tang Chuan asked.

Qin Ning said nothing…

Truthfully speaking, she really did enjoy the days they had spent together, but Qin Ning was still hesitant about handing over her heart.

After all, she had never been in a relationship before. She was afraid of being hurt and she was also scared that she could not play the role of a girlfriend properly.

With Su Yu, she did like him a little bit, but they never reached the dating stage.

Qin Ning’s silence broke Tang Chuan’s heart.

“Ning-Ning… I know that I seem like an irresponsible boy… lazy, and entitled… but when I’m serious about something, I scare even myself. I can’t promise you that I’m this great and magnificent man, but I can promise you that I will never let my woman down. I’m serious about you. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have chased you all the way to Los Angeles. I don’t mind helping you out at work or taking care of you at home. Because it’s you… it’s worth it… but if you still cannot understand my feelings for you, I get it… If you don’t want to make the leap, I can understand as well. I won’t put you in a difficult situation. I’ve had a lot of fun these past days so you don’t have to thank me. I’ll pack up my things and leave tomorrow morning. That’s all.”

With that, Tang Chuan turned away and went upstairs…

Qin Ning was suddenly felt that she was overcome with feelings of emptiness… It was as if she had lost a piece of herself…

What a strange feeling…

She wanted him to stay but she couldn’t say the words. She wasn’t even confident that she really liked him.

She also didn’t know what to feel about that kiss. Did she forget to push him away because she couldn’t react or did she enjoy it? Qin Ning really didn’t know…

She wanted to maintain their current dynamic, but the sudden return of her father shattered their patterns.

Actually, Papa Qin liked Tang Chuan very much. He had been observing him silently for the past 20-something days.

Through the surveillance cameras at home, Papa Qin could see Tang Chuan’s every move. He could see exactly how the young man treated his daughter.

His fondness of the young man skyrocketed after the discovery of the latter’s venture capitals. Tang Chuan had made a lot of money through his investments and instead of wasting it all, he tucked away the money safely in a Swiss bank.

This fact made Papa Qin appreciate Tang Chuan’s economically sensible brain even more. He really wanted to keep the young man by his side to help out his family and to take care of his daughter.

Unfortunately, relationships could not be rushed.

He forced his way into their relationship and completely disrupted their dynamic.

Tang Chuan never came out again after he went back to his room.

Qin Ning returned to her home office, feeling completely out of it. She wanted to continue working but found it impossible to focus.

Just then, Papa Qin knocked on her door.

“Dad…” Qin Ning replied but her mood was clearly low.

“Still working?” Papa Qin looked at his daughter and asked with a heavy tone.



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