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( Happy New Year, Happy Reunion (3)

All the emotions she had held back suddenly exploded, and she began crying right away…


“It’s okay now, everything’s alright, everything’s over… You were great, you did amazing… You know to move your head once I sang… That’s how the sniper got the chance to shoot. Baby, you’re so brave, I’m very proud of you…” Qin Chu continued to comfort Huo Mian.

He then cupped her face and kissed away all of her tears…

Su Yu wanted to say something… He also wanted to comfort Huo Mian, but at the moment, he realized how much of a third-wheel he was.

For Qin Chu and Huo Mian, he was nothing but an outsider. He could watch but never be involved.

Especially after he heard the reason Qin Chu sang the song, that it was a set-up to get Huo Mian to move her head so that the sniper could take a shot, he couldn’t help but admire the fact that they were true soulmates.

So, quietly, Su Yu turned away and got off the roof without saying a word.

Qin Chu carried Huo Mian back to the hospital, walking directly into the emergency room.

She had been out in the cold for so long and her neck really was wounded. Although the cuts weren’t life-threatening, she did bleed out quite a bit.

Any doctor from the emergency room could have handled something like this but Qin Chu needed to be sure.

He changed into a disinfected white lab coat and followed the doctors into the emergency room to personally bandage Huo Mian up.

Jian Tong’s sudden death traumatized her family. Su Yu sent out Imperial Star’s legal team to deliver them the 50,000,000 yuan in hush money, silencing the whole thing.

To outsiders, this was a suicide case. Jian Tong couldn’t handle her disfigurement from her accident so she jumped off the building.

The police also closed the investigation quickly by reason of the death of the suspect.

Huo Mian grew very ill from the incident. She stayed at the hospital for 3 days and took a sick leave afterward.

Su Yu returned to his busy work; Jian Tong’s death was going to cost Imperial Star a fortune.

Su Yu now needed to select new female artists to train. At the same time, Xixi’s older sister, Nie Lingxuan, left the hospital to take over Jian Tong’s endorsements and commercial gigs.

Ironically, Jian Tong had previously used her status to bully Nie Lingxuan, stealing the latter’s endorsements; but now, her death guaranteed the success of others.

“President Su, Miss Nie is the final act for this year’s year-end banquet. Is that okay?” the director of the event planning department requested cautiously.

“That’s fine. You can plan it like that.” Su Yu didn’t even turn to look.

“President Su, Ni Yang’s almost done vacationing. Are there any arrangements for him? Should we organize a concert?”

“We’ll need to wait until his return to decide.”

“President Su, we’ve been thinking… Our company is really low on celebrities under our brand right now, especially female artists. Do you think you could persuade Miss Nie’s younger sister to sign with us? She’s incredibly beautiful and we’ve all witnessed her talents when she body-doubled for her sister…” Nie Lingxi’s agent suggested.

“We’ll need to see what she thinks. We can’t make the decision for her… Why don’t you arrange a meeting with Nie Lingxue and her younger sister? Update me once you get something.”

“Alright, President Su.”

“If that’s all, you’re all dismissed.” After a jam-packed afternoon, Su Yu was more than annoyed and exhausted. He didn’t even have the chance to take a sip of water.

After his subordinates left, his office door was pushed open once again.

“Haven’t I made myself clear? Why are you back?” Thinking that it was his men, Su Yu lifted his head in annoyance.

“Aren’t you happy to see me?” Tang Chuan snickered.

“Holy crap… why are you back?”



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