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(No Zuo No Die Why You Try (2)

“Uncle… this… this… this is all too sudden…” Tang Chuan began to stutter.

At the sight of Tang Chuan’s reaction, Papa Qin’s expression darkened. “So you never planned to marry my daughter? You’re only toying with her?”

“No no no… I’m serious about Ning-Ning… God as my witness,” Tang Chuan shook his head and explained immediately.

“Then isn’t marriage the final goal?” Papa Qin asked.

“That’s true.” Tang Chuan nodded.

“So is there a problem with you marrying into our family? You know that I don’t have a son, only a daughter. GK’s greatly in need of talent. Ever since my nephew, Qin Chu, went back to China, it’s been even busier. If you really love Ning-Ning, stay and help her. Help her handle our family business. Of course, you might not want to marry into our family and live under our roof. You are, after all, from a very rich family. That’ll be your choice. If you agree, you can stay and I’ll pick a time for your wedding. If you don’t agree, you can pack up your things and head back tomorrow. That’s it.” With that, Papa Qin got up to leave.

“Dad… how could you just decide everything without even talking to me?” Qin Ning was irritated.

“I’m your father. I know what’s good for you. There’s no room for discussion here. Let him think about it.”

“But Uncle, I’m just a good-for-nothing trust fund baby. I live off of my parents at home… As I’m sure you’ve heard, I’ve never worked a day in these past years. Are you really willing to have me waste away your family wealth as well?” Tang Chuan asked.

“Kid, you might be able to fool others but you can’t fool me. I’ve looked into your Swiss bank account. For the past years, instead of working, you’ve been doing venture investments. Your investments reach almost every major city in the world and you’ve earned a sizeable amount. I’m sure that this is hidden from most people.”

“Uncle… you investigated me?” Tang Chuan was dumbfounded.

He had always kept his investments on the down-low; his Swiss bank account was only known to Wei Liao and Qin Chu.

He couldn’t believe that Papa Qin discovered it so easily. Experience really was a powerful thing…

“Swiss bank account? Hidden money? You…” Qin Ning looked at Tang Chuan, completely shocked.

If it wasn’t for her father, she would’ve seen Tang Chuan just as a good-for-nothing rich kid.

“Ning-Ning, this kid’s not just something ordinary. You’re really wasting his talents by making him your assistant and your nanny. I’ll give you a night to think about this. Tomorrow, I’m either getting a live-in son-in-law or… you’re leaving. That’s that.”

Papa Qin was resolute. He immediately went upstairs afterward, leaving behind Tang Chuan and Qin Ning in a state of utter helplessness.

After a while, Qin Ning finally said quietly, “Sorry, my dad is really stubborn. He likes to make decisions by himself. He’s exactly like my brother in that sense… stubborn as a bull… It’s so annoying… I didn’t know he had been planning this the whole time.”

“Don’t say sorry. Your dad’s not wrong. I can’t stay at your home and freeload forever…”

Tang Chuan enunciated every word.

“Then… I’ll go upstairs and help you pack. You can go home tomorrow…” Qin Ning knew how important Tang Chuan was to his family. There was no way his parents would allow their son to be a live-in son-in-law. For rich families, a live-in son-in-law meant that the groom in question was a useless man who uses their woman to claw their way into power and fortune.

No one would respect them. The Tang Family wouldn’t risk this, and neither would Tang Chuan.

Qin Ning learned a lot about Tang Chuan during their time together. She knew that he was an independent thinker.

He was definitely not going to agree to her father’s suggestions. Qin Ning suddenly felt her heart wrench at the thought of him leaving.

“You’re really okay with me leaving?” Tang Chuan looked directly into Qin Ning’s eyes.

“What choice do we have? Are you really going to marry into my family?” Qin Ning answered with a question as she felt her heart ached a little.



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