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(Career or Woman? (17)

“Um, President Su, that’s not my intention…” Ni Yang said, feeling a little awkward.

Chen Jie also lifted her head up, wiped away her tears, and said, “President Su, please don’t misunderstand us. I just don’t want him to do this for me… but he’s being so stubborn…”

It was normal for two people in love to consider each other’s feelings.

“I understand, you don’t have to explain yourselves. If this is the decision Ni Yang made, it’s the action we will take. Don’t worry about the company, Imperial Star will be fine. Just make sure you’re certain with your decision.” Su Yu’s tone was extremely calm; he seemed to have anticipated Ni Yang’s decision.

The young couple has been together for almost four years; their relationship was incredibly stable and the two of them barely fought.

Chen Jie knew that Ni Yang had a history of depression, so she had been carefully taking care of him and treating him the best she could.

She never asked for anything in return and was gentle and low key – she was a keeper.

Huo Mian believed that she was a perfect fit for someone like Ni Yang. If it were a selfish and attention-seeking woman with Princess Syndrome, Ni Yang would be in big trouble.

“President Su, I’m really sorry.” Ni Yang still felt bad, but Su Yu shook his head. “New topic, alright? Let’s eat… Waiter, we’re ready.”

That was how the four of them came to this decision.

An hour later, they left the club after dinner. Ni Yang then uploaded a Weibo status, along with the photo that the paparazzi sneaked that exposed their relationship in the first place.

This is what he wrote, “Yes, I’m in love. She’s a great girl. If you’re really my fans, please don’t harm or harass her. Thank you very much.”

This simple remark immediately blew up on Weibo, landing it on the trending page.

Subsequently, headlines of the news were updated into something like –”Superstar Ni Yang admits to his relationship; his girlfriend is a commoner.”

Ni Yang’s post was shared a couple of times by his friends and female artists at Imperial Star.

Even Jian Tong re-posted and said, “Ni Yang, congratulations! I hope you’ll be happy forever.”

Although everyone within the industry-accepted his relationship, his fans did not.

Perhaps someone hired internet trolls to bash on Ni Yang, but a lot of fans cursed and spread rumors about him.

“He’s not a superstar, he’s just a sissy!”

“This is just a cover-up, right? Don’t you like men?”

“You’re a liar! How can you have a girlfriend…”

“Ni Yang, that bitch isn’t good enough for you, come into my embrace!”

Ni Yang’s comment section was bustling with replies; his post was shared 200,000 times, received more than 280,000 likes, and was commented on more than 300,000 times. The level of engagement was unprecedented since none of his previous posts stirred up controversy.

When Huo Mian arrived home, the twins were still up. They had changed into their pajamas and were playing jump checkers with Qin Chu.

Qin Ning sat beside her cousin, telling his brother where to go.

“Auntie, a true gentleman doesn’t talk when observing someone else playing chess.” Little Bean looked up unhappily.

“I’m sorry, Qin Mumu, but I’m not a gentleman. I’m a lady!” Qin Ning argued on purpose.

“Humph, only ladies and the petty are the hardest to deal with…” Little Bean rebutted.

“Hahaha… are you talking about yourselves? You and Pudding are ladies as well!” Qin Ning broke into laughter.

“No, no, we’re young girls…” Little Bean said unconvincingly.

“What about your mommy, Little Bean? I’m a lady as well,” Huo Mian took off her jacket and interjected with a smile.



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