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(Young Master Tang’s Birthday Party (2)

“Honey, I think our daughter is becoming an investment guru…” Huo Mian wiped away her sweat.

“You’re wrong, she’s not becoming an investment guru, she’s already one,” Qin Chu added.

On the other side, the twins sat down on the couch and spoke.

Little Bean said, “Sis, you shouldn’t have shown off. I think you scared Daddy and Mommy.”

Pudding replied, “It’s okay to show off sometimes, otherwise, they’ll think I don’t know anything.”

Little Bean said, “But they’ll interfere in your business, like borrowing the money you make or something like that.”

Pudding replied, “No way, Daddy and Mommy both aren’t people who are short on money. Stop worrying over nothing.”

Little Bean said, “Okay, okay. Anyways, I saw some beef jerky online. It looks like it tastes good and goes well with milk tea. I heard that babies who eat beef have good health and won’t get sick.”

Pudding replied, “So?”

Little Bean said, “So, can you get me a box? It’s almost the new year, I want to stock up.”

Pudding sighed and said, “I knew that you wanted something from me, otherwise you wouldn’t be following me like this.”

Little Bean replied, “Sis, I’m your closest relative. Daddy and Mommy will get old and leave us, and when I get married, my husband might cheat on me. So, you’re the person I’m closest to. I’ll love you forever.”

Pudding said, “Fill up the shopping cart with whatever you want, I’ll check out for you later.”

Little Bean gratefully replied, “I love you, muah!”

Pudding said, “Get away from me, you glutton… Control your weight, control your weight, control your weight. Do I really have to remind you three times?”

Little Bean said, “I heard you the first time. I’ll try to control myself, ha.”

Huo Mian and Qin Chu went upstairs and immediately started working. Mr. Qin was a typical workaholic.

When he went back to his bedroom, he organized his documents and watched the news in his notebook.

Huo Mian tried to relax and listened to music to let off some steam.

Suddenly, she got a notification on her phone…

It was a new chat group created by Tang Chuan.

Huo Mian clicked open the group. It was composed of herself, Su Yu, Wei Liao, Jiang Xiaowei, Zhu Lingling, and Huo Mian’s sister-in-law, Qin Ning.

“Hi everybody, good evening…” Tang Chuan sent a voice message.

Jiang Xiaowei replied, “Mr. Tang, what’s up?”

Tang Chuan said, “Oh, you’re too polite. Haha, call me Chuan.”

Jiang Xiaowei replied, “Eh? You seem to be in a good mood. Do you have something good to announce?”

Tang Chuan said, “Ahem, it’s my birthday next week.”

Wei Liao said, “So? Are you here to scam us?”

Tang Chuan said, “Do I look that cheap?”

Su Yu said, “Chuan, how are we celebrating this year? Are we doing what we did last year? Go out to sea on a yacht with a bus of girls?”

Tang Chuan said, “You’re joking, what girls? Am I that kind of person?”

Wei Liao replied, “You are.”

Jiang Xiaowei replied, “You are.”

Su Yu also replied, “You are, everyone, tell him.”

Huo Mian said, “You are.”

Zhu Lingling followed suit and said, “You are.”

Tang Chuan was speechless….

He said, “You guys sure are crazy and heartless…”

Qin Ning said, “Uh, what’s going on? There are so many people here.”

Qin Ning had just showered. When she picked up her phone, she found it spammed with countless notifications.

She just noticed that she was pulled into a group chat, and her sister-in-law was in it.

Tang Chuan said, “Ning-Ning, you’re here in time. It’s my birthday next week, I’m having a party. You have to come.”

Huo Mian said, “How dare you call her Ning-Ning? Are you that close?”



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