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(Foolish Fantasies (5)

“Oh? You’re on it already? President Huo… I thought you were going to scare me, threaten me, and shut me out of the industry… Haha.” Yingzi raised her head, glanced at Huo Mian, and laughed.

“I won’t. Your intention of doing this isn’t ruining Ni Yang but using this opportunity to get what you want. You can just tell me your condition and I can make any decision for Ni Yang. Of course, the condition has to be in the range of our capabilities and can’t go too far.”

“Alright… if that’s the case, I won’t hesitate anymore, President Huo,” Yingzi stuck out her index finger and placed it vertically at Huo Mian.

“Ten million yuan?” Huo Mian asked.

“Haha, ten million yuan? Do you think you are gifting a beggar? One of Ni Yang’s endorsement deals is worth more than ten million yuan. I’m talking about one hundred million yuan.”

“One hundred million yuan? Haha, you sure are so greedy…” Huo Mian looked at Yingzi solemnly.

“President Huo is taking this too seriously… this amount of money is nothing to multi-billionaires like you guys. A quarter of GK’s revenue numbers in the tens of billions… and Ni Yang’s annual commercial value is more than one hundred million yuan. President Su makes money, you make money as well, and Ni Yang himself also makes lots of money… But I, the headhunter in the past, am currently dealing with a career trough. That’s why giving me a little money is reasonable. As the saying goes, money can help drive away misfortune… President Huo is smart. You probably wish to settle the disputes, right?”

“That’s right, I do not want this matter to go any further. In fact, Ni Yang’s career is not a big deal and he doesn’t really care about it anymore. I’m afraid that public opinion will make his depression recur. You don’t care about him and used these insidious moves on him. You made him suffer, but you can still ask for money shamelessly now. You’re indeed a character.”

When Huo Mian scolded a person, she didn’t need to swear to condemn them.

However, Yingzi only smiled after she heard Huo Mian.

“President Huo’s eloquence is still as brilliant even after a while… but there’s no use saying these things. Even if you condemn my entire family, I still have the same condition… the money cannot be less than the amount requested. If you don’t want to pay me, I will keep on exposing new material in the media. No one can tell how the consequences will turn out, but I have nothing to lose. You can think over it, President Huo. My time is precious and I won’t waste it talking. Thank you for your coffee, President Huo. Contact me when you reach a decision. Bye for now.” Yingzi stood up after she finished talking, grabbed her bag, and left.

Huo Mian’s facial expression was gloomy…

People said that actors were heartless and prostitutes were immoral. Huo Mian thought that Mo Xue’er and Song Yishi were already ruthless by turning their back to their friends, but seeing Yingzi made her understand what a real bitch was like.

In her eyes, money was more than anything. Even her own parents were probably not comparable to money, given the right price.

If Huo Mian remembered correctly, when they rescinded the contract, Ni Yang even gave Yingzi a lot of money for helping him all these years.

After she left Huo Siqian’s company and wasn’t capable of finding celebrities to cooperate, Ni Yang even used his connections to help her and didn’t even tell her.

Yet, not only she didn’t care about their relationship, she also utilized the secrets that Ni Yang told her to blacken Ni Yang’s name. Such people were really hateful.

“What kind of world is this…” Huo Mian felt that she met an ungrateful person and a malevolent bitch for the first time.

Walking out of the coffee shop, she swore and pounded the steering wheel.

She called Su Yu after walking out of the coffee shop and simply described what happened.

“What do you want to do, Huo Mian?” Su Yu asked Huo Mian in a serious tone.



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