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(Foolish Fantasies (3)

“Okay, that sounds fine. The style is just like Qin Chu’s…” Lu Yan laughed in a low voice.

“He mentioned that you guys met in Russia before…” Huo Mian talked about the past with a smile.

“Yeah, it was that time when he did surgery for Psycho Qiao. He really is a great doctor and his technique was pretty much on the same level as Dad’s. It’s just that his personality is too cold and only you can handle it. Even though Psycho Qiao doesn’t like to talk, he isn’t that cold or arrogant. Oh no, I’m running out of time, Sis. A tracking signal is incoming and I have to hang up now. Take care.” After Lu Yan finished speaking, she hung up without waiting for Huo Mian’s response.

When Huo Mian looked into the caller ID from her cell phone again, the history had already been erased.

There was not a single trace, as if the phone call did not happen. It seemed like Yan was very cautious.

After hanging up, Huo Mian suddenly remembered that she still needed to help Ni Yang out.

After she booked an appointment with that person, she walked towards one of her thirteen stores for the meetup.

The store manager was surprised to see her, perhaps because it had been a long time since Huo Mian had visited.

“President Huo! Welcome! Why didn’t you tell us that you were coming to visit?”

“No worries, just do what you are doing. I’m meeting someone here to discuss something.”

“What would you like for your drink? I’ll get someone to make it for you,” the store manager said in a cautious manner.

“I’ll have a blue mountain coffee…” Huo Mian walked towards a remote corner seat and sat down.

Yingzi came in soon after Huo Mian sat down.

After she walked inside, she walked over when she saw Huo Mian wave.

“President Huo, it’s been a long time.” Yingzi took off her sunglasses and twitched the corner of her mouth coldly.

“Have a seat.”

“What would you like for a drink?” Huo Mian asked.

“I’ll have a cappuccino.” After Yingzi finished talking, Huo Mian waved and called the waiter over.

“Give her a cup of cappuccino.”

“Yes, President Huo.”

“What do you want from me? Let’s cut to the chase. Both of our time is precious and we’re both very busy, right?” Yingzi said overbearingly.

Ever since Ni Yang went to Imperial Star and rescinded the contract, they were done with each other.

Yingzi started working for Huo Siqian at first, but she wasn’t promoted and had no celebrities under her either. So, she just left the company and opened her own studio and trained some independent models. Rumors said that her models also accept some individual work from outside, working kind of like high-end escorts.

Yingzi’s reputation had become worse in the industry because her business was similar to the Hainan Rendez-Vous event (China’s largest luxury yacht show and one of the world’s most comprehensive exhibitions for the international luxury lifestyle brand industries, getting exposed for being a platform for sex-trade) that happened years ago.

Neither famous directors nor actors would cooperate with her. Her connections had no effect in this realistic society.

“You are busy. Probably busy tainting Ni Yang’s reputation, I assume?” Huo Mian laughed coldly and looked at Yingzi.

“President Huo is humorous! Please don’t accuse me randomly. Ni Yang is a superstar now and I’m merely an obsolete agent… we’re not even on the same level,” Yingzi laughed quietly.

“You know that I’m not kidding. I’m serious about what I said. I’m just curious what’s your goal for slandering Ni Yang?” Huo Mian said indifferently.

“President Huo… you can eat whatever you want but you can’t do the same with talking. Just because I have grudges against Ni Yang, it doesn’t mean you get to frame me when something happens to him. You’re also a public figure. Please don’t be fooled so easily.”

Yingzi seemed to be prepared and she didn’t intend to admit to anything she did.



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