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(Foolish Fantasies (2)

“I want to persuade my dad to spend Chinese New Year with you guys.”

“Uh…” Lu Yan’s idea was indeed insane that Huo Mian was shocked when she heard it.

“Are you surprised?” Lu Yan smiled and asked.

“I am surprised… If I could spend the new year with you and Dad, that would probably be a dream-come-true.” Knowing that there was still a biologically-related family existing in the world, Huo Mian felt warmth in her heart.

She also really anticipated it especially when she reminisced the old man who gave out balloons at Disneyland in the States.

Lu Yan knew that she shouldn’t expose her identity, but she still appeared in the crucial moment and prevented the potential tragedy of Qin Chu having to choose between Huo Mian and Little Bean.

She even wiped the Vietnam gang out for her. Huo Mian never expected to have such an intrepid and domineering little sister.

At the same time, she also pitied Lu Yan’s encounters and experiences. No one would want to live a dangerous life if they had a choice, right?

After all, for a young and beautiful girl in her twenties, the most important thing was having a tranquil life with her beloved family, lover, and friends.

That was why Huo Mian truly hoped that Lu Yan could change her way of living and settle down, but she also knew that it couldn’t be done easily.

“Regarding this… I’ll have to think of a way. I would love to, but Dad might not agree to come. A psycho like Ian wants to catch me out of passing interest, but he’s been wanting to get Dad for many years. Dad doesn’t want to implicate you guys and won’t come for sure. It was just an idea I had, so don’t expect too much, Sis…”

“I totally understand, Yan… Ian wants to capture Dad because Dad has something that he wants, right?”

“That’s correct, smart girl.”

“You have to tell Dad to be careful…” Huo Mian said worriedly.

“No problem. Relax, our old man’s got a pretty tenacious life and survives better than me. Don’t worry about us and take good care of the twins. You also need to be careful of Huo Siqian. Brother-in-law probably told you about the relationship between him and Ian before…”

“Yes, he did.” Huo Mian nodded.

“He must have some feelings for you, or else, knowing our relationship, he wouldn’t have kept it away from Ian these years. Judging from this, I’m still grateful to Huo Siqian. He even hid away the truth of Dong Tao Town for Dad. It’s not easy to hide your identity within Ian’s territory for so many years.”

Huo Mian remained silent because she knew what Lu Yan meant.

She wouldn’t admit that Huo Siqian had feelings for her before and thought he was merely a psychotic comrade and plunderer. (TL Note: back when they sorta worked together to fight the rest of the Huo Family)

However, after Huo Siyi kidnapped her, Huo Siqian’s behavior made Huo Mian realize his feelings.

A selfish person like him provoked Huo Siyi many times and risked his own life to protect her from getting harmed.

Huo Mian wouldn’t be surprised if it was a selfless man like Qin Chu or Su Yu because they were men who cared about ties of relationship.

Yet, it was actually the world’s most shocking news because the person was Huo Siqian, who was selfish and put his benefits before anything else.

That was why Huo Mian felt bad and asked Qin Chu not to kill Huo Siqian.

She knew that Huo Siqian would be a huge problem in the future if he didn’t die.

However, at that moment, Huo Mian couldn’t bear seeing Huo Siqian getting punched with blood all over him and being beaten to the verge of death.

They could say that she was being too naive or too soft-hearted, but at that moment, she couldn’t see Huo Siqian die in front of her by any means.

Maybe this was a one-of-a-kind gentleness that Huo Mian always had within her.

“Your brother-in-law has started investigating Huo Siqian. We won’t let him go for what he did to us before. He has to pay back for what he did. We just want to defeat him honorably.”



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