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(Foolish Fantasies (9)

For the past few years, her health had been going downhill. The doctor had announced that her chances of becoming pregnant were extremely low.

Huo Mian, on the other hand, had a pair of cute twins. How was the world so unfair, she thought.

“Xue’er, I have always thought you were a smart woman but you’re always messing things up… You compare yourself to Mian but do you really think you can be compared to her? You can only see what Mian has but not what she did to earn it, nor can you see the pain she had to endure… I think the emotions you have towards her, whether it be jealousy, envy, or hatred, are all biased… Even if Mian didn’t exist, I wouldn’t marry you. Do you still remember what I said to you when I first touched you?” Huo Siqian said.

Mo Xue’er tried to dig through her memory. She recalled the scene when she first met Huo Siqian at her interview.

Huo Siqian told her that they make a deal: he would make her famous while she had to be with him. However, he told her to remember that he would never marry her. All they were doing was using each other.

At that time, she nodded confidently and said, “Mr. Huo, I understand.”

Now though? She had forgotten that promise.

People were told to stay true to themselves but so many people had forgotten what truly mattered throughout their paths in life.

Mo Xue’er didn’t know if it was because she wasn’t determined enough or if there were just too many temptations throughout her career as a celebrity.

She was no longer the person she was when she was young.

“It’s in the past. What’s the use now? We can’t go back in time… This thought has always been in my mind: If you didn’t marry that mayor’s daughter but me, then would we have ended differently?” Mo Xue’er said with tears overflowing.

“No. There’s no such thing as ‘ifs’ in life. Instead, there are only results and consequences… Our lives are made up of choices and we pay for our choices… Xue’er, you’re not a child anymore. You shouldn’t be so stubborn. It’s getting late. I’ll leave you to rest…” Huo Siqian looked at the time. He did not want to stay any longer.

“Siqian… If I say I regret it, will you forgive me?” Mo Xue’er looked at Huo Siqian with teary eyes.

“If you told me this earlier, maybe… Now though, it’s all too late.” Huo Siqian left his last words and smiled devilishly before he left.

Mo Xue’er’s heart sank to the bottom of the sea.

She knew clearly that Huo Siqian would not let her off the hook easily. She was doomed.

She looked at the 99 roses by her side. Didn’t 99 roses represent forever?

But now, the “forever” seemed like a curse to her…

“Ah…” Mo Xue’er screamed painfully.

When her bodyguards and manager heard her shriek, they rushed in, thinking that she might be in danger.

“Xue’er, are you alright? What happened?” her manager asked while hugging her.

“Get out! All of you, OUT!” Mo Xue’er’s mental state wasn’t stable.

Huo Siqian left South Side Recuperation Centre in his Benz.

He lit up a cigarette and looked up at the lively lights in the building.

“Mian, I wish you were working overtime, then I could get you something to eat…” he mumbled to himself with a soft smile.

Huo Siqian paid this sudden visit to Mo Xue’er with flowers because he wanted her to be petrified of him.

He wanted her to know that she was doomed and there was no way he would let her off the hook.

Mo Xue’er was unable to sleep the whole night because her emotions were extremely unstable.

The next morning, an assistant nurse came to Huo Mian and said, “Doctor Huo, Mo Xue’er is very unstable. She’s been screaming and wanting to see you the whole night.”

Huo Mian was slightly shocked. She put on her white cloak and glasses before she walked towards Mo Xue’er’s room.




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