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(Young Master Tang’s Birthday Party (1)

“The stock market has its risks and I’m obviously scared of losing money. However, if you don’t have the guts to lose some, how could you gain any? I trust that no entrepreneur has had a smooth sail towards success, including grandpa and grand-uncle. When they started GK, there must’ve been times when they were in debt…”

“You have guts, you’re like me.”

Qin Chu was really proud of his elder daughter, her speech was on par with that of successful CEOs and rang true to the heart.

If he posted that online, many of his business partners would probably think it was something he said.

“Pudding, the Huo Corporation isn’t doing well… If they can’t turn things around, your money is going to waste… I think that the risks are high, what do you think?” Huo Mian posed a hard question for her daughter.

“Mommy, just stop trying to scare me on purpose. I know what Huo Siqian is like very well… Given the fact that he could get rid of so many of his enemies as well as dominate the Huo Corporation through all these years, he’s not a wimp. The tricks Mo Xue’er is pulling won’t cause him to lose much, that’s only temporary. I want to invest in the Huo Corporation because of the long term benefits… Three days ago, I read on the economic news that Huo Siqian met with the CEO of South America’s biggest energy company, Mr. Boyle. They didn’t just meet so they could have dinner, I guessed that they would have projects which they’ll work on together. Once the news is out, the stocks will rise in value for sure… I think it’ll be pretty easy for me to make a profit of three to five million, and that won’t take long… Huo’s stocks are low right now, they have been falling for a week now. Most people are in a rush to get out, but I know that it’s going to bounce back… Otherwise, after another week, losses like would even make someone like Huo Siqian cry…” After Pudding finished speaking, she gracefully wiped her mouth.

“Okay, I’m done talking about investing. I’m going to watch the news, have a nice meal…”

“Sis, wait for me…” Little Bean followed behind Pudding.

The two cute babies seemed like adults when they sat on the living room couch and watched an economic news channel with interest.

Huo Mian looked at Qin Chu with disbelief.

“Honey, I think you gave birth to two little Buffetts.” Qin Chu looked moved.

“Ahem… So what are you?” Huo Mian cleverly replied.

Pudding’s analysis of the stock market and the Huo Corporation was on point.

Qin Chu also researched it, he was also waiting to see what tricks were up Huo Siqian’s sleeves.

He paid close attention to Huo Siqian and Boyle’s meeting. Boyle was here to discuss a local mining site.

He wanted to collaborate in developing the site, but he had not spoken to the local officials… After all, resources like the mining site were directly controlled by the government. Boyle didn’t want to go back empty-handed, so he dined with a few famous entrepreneurs.

Qin Chu and Su Yu were both on the guest list…

They both chose not to attend. After all, South America was too far away, and building a client-customer relationship would be time-consuming.

They couldn’t build a meaningful basis for a relationship in the span of one dinner, and Huo Siqian chose to attend. Although he had a low profile, the paparazzi still got a photograph of him.

Qin Chu speculated that Boyle and Huo Siqian had reached a ground of common understanding, it was just that they chose not to go public yet.

Pudding was only three, yet she had grown to like watching economic news and analyzing entrepreneurial movements. It was too unreal.

At that moment, Qin Chu was both proud and concerned.

He was proud of how intelligent his daughter was at such a young age, how she could strategize and control the situation.

He was also a bit concerned since she was a little girl after all. Would she ever find a guy who was a fitting match for her?

As a father, he should really start worrying…

“Honey, what do you think about Pudding’s analysis? Is it correct?” at the dinner table, Huo Mian asked about her husband’s opinion in a serious tone.




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