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(Doctor Huo’s Heart’s Feeling Bitter (10)

Qin Chu put down his chopsticks and looked at Su Yu. “Sorry about the way I acted. I was really worried about Little Bean’s safety.”

“Don’t say that. It was my fault, after all. I wasn’t vigilant enough… I wouldn’t have hit back even if you punched me a couple more times.” Su Yu was very sincere.

“Alright, the two of you, stop apologizing to each other. Look, it’s like this, Little Bean’s accident was just that, an accident. We couldn’t have predicted it and neither could you. We didn’t know that they would run into Jian Tong, and we wouldn’t have known that she wanted to drug you and that the drug was eventually ingested by Little Bean. None of this was foreseeable, so we cannot blame you for any of it. If we’re talking about blame…the only culprit here is Jian Tong. So, we really want you to stop feeling guilty about this. After all, Little Bean’s completely fine now and everything’s passed. Plus, we’re not going to look at you differently because of this. Everyone knows how you’ve taken care of me and my children in the past couple of years. We’re not going to ignore everything you have done for us just because of a small mistake. So, Su Yu… don’t be so pressured… Don’t be so sad.”

Huo Mian was definitely a logical woman, and every one of her words touched Su Yu deeply.

Before coming here, Su Yu was worried about the conversation they were going to have. He had been worried that Huo Mian would ban him from seeing the twins.

Now? It looked as though he had been worried for nothing. Huo Mian was a sensible woman.

She totally understood the guilt and the anxiety Su Yu felt in his heart so her words were incredibly comforting.

After Huo Mian finished, Qin Chu nodded and concluded, “Yes, it’s over. Nothing will change. Everything will remain the same as before…”

Su Yu knew what Qin Chu meant by nothing will change. It was to tell him that he was still their most trusted friend.

This was especially true for his close relationship with the twins; they were more than family.

Su Yu was moved by Huo Mian and Qin Chu’s words.

Even his eyes began to well-up. He had so much to say but in the end, he could only say the words ‘Thank god for understanding’.

Yes, understandings… he could understand the panic and anxiety Huo Mian and Qin Chu felt when they first learned about their child being in an accident.

By the same token, Huo Mian and Qin Chu could understand Su Yu’s helplessness towards the sudden situation. They could also forgive him for condoning her behavior.

After the occurrence of a problem, the important thing was not to put blame onto one another, but to find a way to best handle the situation so that its consequences were minimized.

Now that Little Bean had recovered and everything was over, there was only one question left: what were they going to do about Jian Tong?

Su Yu had already made his position clear to Jian Tong in the hospital but Qin Chu and Huo Mian didn’t know about this.

“What do you think should happen to Jian Tong?” Huo Mian asked.

After a moment of pause, Su Yu said, “I saw her already. I told her to take care of herself. If she does, this will end and her family won’t get dragged in.”

“Take care of herself? You want her to…?” Huo Mian had thought that the most Su Yu would do was ban Jian Tong from the entertainment industry, then send her to another country, forbidding her from ever coming back.

She didn’t expect that, however… Su Yu wanted Jian Tong dead. This was more than serious.

“Yes… she should pay for what she’s done. It doesn’t matter if it’s an accident…I’ve always seen Little Bean and Pudding as my own. If it were my own kid that was hurt, to the point where they almost lost their lives, how am I supposed to do nothing about it? If that’s the case, if I just lie there silently, then I wouldn’t be Su Yu… I’d be less than a b!tch.”

Hearing Su Yu’s words, Qin Chu and Huo Mian glanced towards each other simultaneously.



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