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(Am I a Failure? (5)

“Maybe I will, maybe I won’t…” Huo Mian gave a non-answer.

She answered in this way because she didn’t know if Huo Siqian could be trusted. After all, their relationship and the situation they were in was worrisome.

“Haha…” Huo Siqian looked at her and chuckled.

He responded after a pause. “I won’t. When you were pregnant, it was all too sudden for me to accept the fact that you had some other guy’s child… But now, they’re your life, I know that, and if anything were to happen to them, you wouldn’t live either. So, rest assured, I won’t do anything to harm them. You don’t have to put up your defenses around me. Especially Little Bean, she’s really adorable. Although a little bit of an airhead, she’s very similar to you when you were a kid, smart and stubborn… I really like your kids… but… even so, you won’t like me, right?”

Their conversation turned awkward as soon as Huo Siqian changed the topic from kids to their relationship.

Huo Mian didn’t answer, and it was because she knew that Huo Siqian already knew the answer.

“Mian, I’ve been thinking a lot about something lately… If you were not Huo Mian and I wasn’t Huo Siqian… If we were just two ordinary people… if I had no money, no job, no status… but only a heart that loved you, would you give me a chance then?” Huo Siqian looked at Huo Mian with a warm smile.

“There are no ‘if’s in life.” Perhaps she was getting older, but Huo Mian enjoyed hypothetical questions less and less.

She felt that there was no point to these types of questions; no matter how much you think about it, it would never happen.

“Fine… you are truly a hard-headed girl. You don’t even let me think about it.”

“Mr. Huo, I haven’t eaten yet… If you have nothing more to say, I…” Huo Mian wanted him to leave.

Before she could finish her sentence, however, Huo Siqian picked up a nice-looking box from the floor and placed it on her desk.

“These were your favorite snacks; small steam buns and hot-and-sour noodles from the Old Street of the Western District…they still taste so authentic. I wasn’t sure if you still liked them.” The food was still hot, steam escaping from the packaging.

It seemed that Huo Siqian bought the food just before coming to the hospital. During her childhood, Huo Mian often hung out at the Old Street of the Western District.

Many things were cheap there, and a lot of prices were negotiable. Besides, there was a lot of delicious food.

Back then, it was a one-hour and forty-minute bus ride from her home to the Old Street. She would transfer twice on the way.

Yet she and Zhu Lingling enjoyed the trip, regardless of the weather. This was especially true during weekends; they had a lot of free time and they were very happy with even riding on the bus.

Zhu Lingling liked the mutton soup and Chuanbei cold noodles while Huo Mian liked the small steamed buns and hot-and-sour noodles.

Huo Siqian was already a highly regarded member of the Huo Family at the time, frequently driving in luxury cars around the city. By accident, he found out that Huo Mian liked to go there, and afterward, he followed her a few times, even tasting her favorite foods himself.

Maybe it was because of his love for Huo Mian or perhaps some other unknown reason, that Huo Siqian actually loved the food.

So many years had passed by… It was incredible that he still remembered her favorite snacks.

Huo Mian looked at the food, her eyes looking complicated.

“What? You’re scared that I poisoned it or something? Well, don’t worry, I’m not as stupid as Jian Tong… directly poisoning someone’s food… I’m not capable of such a stupid act.” Huo Siqian laughed.

Huo Mian looked at the noodles and buns with a heavy heart. No words could describe what she was feeling.

Childhood memories rushed into her brain. Back then, Huo Siqian wasn’t as evil as now.

When they met up occasionally, the two of them would make sarcastic remarks and joke around; it was good times.



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