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(Foolish Fantasies (1)

“Big Brother, I now know that you’re not the smartest in the family, nor is Pudding… The smartest one is Little Bean, our little foodie. She’s good, pretending that she’s not as smart as you guys when she is… She doesn’t need to make money, all she has to do is order you guys around and enjoy her life…” Qin Ning gave Little Bean a giant thumbs-up.

“Okay, I need to go to work now… Ning, do you have any plans for today?” Qin Chu glanced at his cousin.

“I promised these two little ones to go to the amusement park. They want to ride the carousel and eat pizza…”

“Mhm, sounds good. Remember to bring the guards, we have to be careful,” Qin Chu reminded as he worriedly glanced over at Pudding. “Pudding, don’t be stubborn this time, make sure to follow your auntie and stay with the security detail.”

“I won’t, Daddy. We won’t go anywhere we shouldn’t.”

After making sure that everyone was good to go, Qin Chu left for work. As he headed towards the company, his cellphone rang.

Putting on his Bluetooth earphone, Qin Chu asked, “Is anything going on with Huo Siqian?”

“No, President Qin, he’s been extremely quiet.”

“It’s not like him to stay put after what Mo Xue’er did to him… Keep a close eye on him, and tell me as soon as you hear something,” Qin Chu ordered, never letting his guard down.

“Yes, Sir, don’t worry. We’ll monitor his every move.”

Qin Chu always had his guard up around Huo Siqian; he had also been setting traps up for the latter. However, Mo Xue’er’s intervention made things more complicated – this wasn’t necessarily good news for Qin Chu.

He didn’t want to alert his enemy before the fact, and since Huo Siqian had been more careful than ever, Qin Chu wasn’t sure of his next move.

– South Side –

Worried that the pressure of the scandal was too much for Ni Yang and that his depression would resurface, Huo Mian told him and Chen Jie to leave the city that morning and head over to Bali for vacation.

After a quick phone call with Su Yu, Huo Mian was more certain than ever who the person behind this scandal was. Therefore, she decided to go and talk to her, face to face.

To her surprise, however, her phone rang just as she was leaving her office. It was an odd international number that Huo Mian didn’t recognize, so she thought about it for a few seconds before finally picking up.

“Hello?” she asked defensively.

“Sis, it’s me.”

Upon hearing the voice, Huo Mian’s heart fluttered with excitement. “Yan…”

She hadn’t heard from Lu Yan ever since their hasty goodbye last time.

“Mhm, I missed you so I called you in secret… We can’t talk for too long, I don’t want anyone to track our call,” Lu Yan said carefully.

“Yan, are you still in the Golden Triangle? Are you hurt? Are you safe?” Huo Mian knew their time was limited, so she bombarded Lu Yan with questions.

“Calm down, Sis, I’m fine… I left the Golden Triangle a long time ago. I actually passed by Vietnam and searched through the local gangs but didn’t end up finding Shen Jiani… but I’m still looking, you can rest assured.”

“Nevermind, it’s okay if you don’t find her. Huo Siyi’s the one who hurt us, not Shen Jiani,” Huo Mian said.

“Anyways, don’t worry about this, I’ve got your back.”

“Where are you right now? Are you safe?” Huo Mian was worried about Lu Yan; ever since she found out that Lu Yan was #1 on Interpol’s Most Wanted List, she had been worried to death for her sister.

“I’m with Psycho Qiao in Russia. Don’t worry, I’m in good hands.”

“That’s good.” Only then did Huo Mian nod in relief.

“Sis, it’s almost Chinese New Year, I actually have a crazy idea…” Lu Yan said mysteriously.

“What idea?” Huo Mian asked, wondering what Lu Yan had up her sleeve.



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