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(Am I a Failure? (1)

Truthfully, Huo Mian hadn’t thought about what they would do to Jian Tong. She knew that Master Qin had an idea.

Qin Chu suddenly interjected, “I wanted to crush her dead, but since I left her breathing, I want her to live. Death is too easy… It happens in an instant, but living… that’s the real torture. That woman’s heavily wounded, almost unrecognizable. It’ll be very difficult for her to live on. I think we shouldn’t kill her. Let her live… and let her spend the rest of her life paying for what she’s done.”

Everyone had different reasons and different solutions. Su Yu was quite straightforward. As far as he was concerned, she deserved to die for her crimes.

Qin Chu had more hatred. He wanted the woman dead, but he wanted to torture her first.

No matter the angle, they were both right.

“Anyway… you guys can handle Jian Tong. Whatever you want to do with her, I won’t care. I’ll even break off all contact. Do anything you want. Just don’t let her off so easily. After all, an evil witch like her will only bring more trouble to the world if she continues to live,” Su Yu added.

Huo Mian nodded.

“I’ll do whatever Master Qin decides.” Huo Mian was aware that she was too soft-hearted. No matter how logical and brilliant she was, she was still, at her core, a woman, and she was too soft-hearted, lacking in decisiveness needed for these types of situations. During times like these, she needed her man to step in.

Basically, they should be fine as long as her Mother Theresa mode didn’t kick in.

The topic concluded just as the twins made their way downstairs.

They changed into light pink pajama-dresses, cute as buttons.

Little Bean busied herself with desserts while Pudding held a cell phone in her hands as if she was video-chatting someone.

“Mommy… it’s my auntie!” Pudding pointed at the cell phone.

Huo Mian smiled. “We don’t care about your auntie. We’re more curious about Young Master Tang.”

Pudding immediately turned the phone camera to face everyone.

On the other side of the video chat, Qin Ning had on a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt. She was always dressed in the most simple of clothes and she always looked so comfortable and natural.

“Sis-in-Law… I’ve been so busy! My dad really is extremely brutal. He brought my uncle and my aunt to Switzerland for a vacation and now, so I’m the only person left in the company. I’m going nuts here…” Qin Ning began to unload as soon as she saw Huo Mian.

“Alone? Don’t you have a faraway guest accompanying you?” Qin Chu’s said slowly.

“Bro, why do you do this to me?” Qin Ning felt embarrassed.

“Auntie, don’t be embarrassed! Hurry, show us Young Master Tang!” Pudding said enthusiastically.

“Are you hiding him for yourself?” Little Bean added.

Qin Ning: “…”

“Why is your entire family so nosy? I’m hanging up, hmph!” Qin Ning was seriously mad now.

Without a reply to the other side, she hung up the phone.

“Um… is Auntie embarrassed?” Little Bean asked cutely.

“Of course, but Mr. Tang really is persistent. He followed her all the way to the U.S and chased after her like a puppy. Sometimes, stalking really works.” Pudding analyzed calmly.

“Handsome Su… do you think Mr. Tang and my auntie make a good couple?” Little Bean turned to Su Yu and asked.

“Not bad! At least it’ll be fun to watch them be together.” Su Yu chuckled.

“But we originally paired our auntie up with you! Aren’t you regretting it?” Little Bean continued her nosy ways.

“This question is now obsolete… Miss Little Bean, let’s talk about something very serious now, okay?” Su Yu lifted up Little Bean and asked dotingly.

“Okay, speak…I’m listening.” Little Bean nodded obediently.



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