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(Am I a Failure? (2)

“Can you stop just eating everything in sight from now on?” Su Yu’s tone was serious.

“Ugh…” Little Bean immediately looked guilty.

“See? Even Handsome Su thinks this is a problem! You should really change this habit of yours… or else you might run into danger again! Got it?” Pudding joined in on the criticism.

“I got it, I got it… I’ve really learned my lesson this time. I’ll change from now on…” Little Bean said half-heartedly.

“But you didn’t… Even today, you asked me to buy a ton of sweets. Su Yu instantly exposed Little Bean.

Little Bean immediately hid behind her hands…

“Look, how embarrassing!” Pudding criticized.

“Well, I need time to change. It’s a process…”

Finally, Su Yu ended the conversation with a stern warning to Little Bean. He then looked at the time and got up to leave.

“Are you full?” Huo Mian was still worried that Su Yu felt uncomfortable with them, that he didn’t eat enough.

“I’m very full. You’re a great cook…” Su Yu was pleasantly surprised by Huo Mian’s cooking skills. He really did eat a lot.

“I just followed the recipes I found online. I really have no skills… Haha… In comparison to what Mrs. Su can make, this is nothing.”

“If it wasn’t for this thing that happened to Little Bean, I would’ve brought the twins back to the old house a long time ago. Grandpa’s back and he’s always asking to see them.”

“Sure, I’ll bring them over as soon as I find some time…I really miss Grandpa Su too.”

Huo Mian and Su Yu ended their get together with pleasantries and the twins said their goodbyes to him with puppy eyes and adorable pouts.

After their goodbyes, Su Yu left the South Hill Manor.

Zhixin had brought their mother home just in time and she brought the twins upstairs to get changed.

Zhixin busied himself with WeChatting Bella while Huo Mian rested her head atop Qin Chu’s shoulders, both cozying up next to the fireplace.

Biting into the fruits they prepared, it dawned on them that they haven’t had a day this peaceful for a very long time.

“This thing’s finally over. I hope that Su Yu can let go of all that guilt… I hope he doesn’t think about it too much,” Huo Mian said quietly.

“No way, he’s a smart man. He should know why we invited him here. He should know that we want to amend this relationship, to eliminate any awkward feelings between us,” Qin Chu comforted.

“Then what about Jian Tong? Once she’s released from the hospital, she’ll be banned from the industry by Imperial Star… Will she go abroad?” Huo Mian couldn’t believe how sad the woman was. She seemed like a pretty smart woman yet she left herself with zero options.

“Leave the country? Go where? How could I let her go?” Qin Chu’s eyes grew icy at the mention of the vile woman.

“Didn’t you say that you wanted her to suffer for the rest of her life?” Huo Mian turned to Qin Chu, confused.

“I did say I want her to suffer for the rest of her life, but I never said I’d let her go…” Qin Chu looked like he had other plans.

Huo Mian knew exactly what he meant.

Seeing Huo Mian silent, Qin Chu reached out his hand and lifted her chin.

“Mian… in this world, not everyone deserves forgiveness…”

“I know.” Huo Mian nodded lightly.

“I know that you have a kind side, and we’re not evil people. We would never be the first ones to attack and that’s our principal, but if someone attacks us first, they leave us with no choice. The twins are our lifelines. They arrived at this earth because you carried them in your belly for 8 months. They are a testament ofour love, the most precious gifts of our lives. That woman almost killed Little Bean. If we continue being nice, it’ll be us that suffer the consequences.”

Qin Chu held onto Huo Mian’s shoulders tightly as he analyzed the logic and pros and cons behind it all.




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