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(Am I a Failure? (10)

“Be right there! Give me three more minutes!” Tang Chuan immediately replied, giggling.

Qin Ning extended her neck and looked at the contents in the pot.

A bit skeptical, Qin Ning asked, “Are you sure this is edible?”

“Of course! Trust me… but the smell in the kitchen is too strong. Wait outside, it will be ready soon!”

“Fine, then hurry up.” Qin Ning grabbed the leftover tomato slices on the cutting board, eating them as she walked away.

It had been more than 20 days since Tang Chuan arrived in Los Angeles.

Qin Ning had come a long way from being annoyed by him and wanting to kick him out every day, to now becoming used to his presence.

At home, he cooks her breakfast every morning. Although it was simple, mostly milk and toasted bread, Qin Ning was more than satisfied.

The U.S was different from China. Most Americans were much more independent.

They rarely hired nannies. Qin Ning’s father flew all over the world, leaving her to spend most of her days alone in their giant mansion, so she would cook most of her meals herself.

If she woke up late, she would skip breakfast altogether and eat lunch at work.

After Tang Chuan’s arrival, however, she began to eat her meals regularly, even feeling hungry whenever she missed breakfast.

Habits really are hard to break…

Qin Ning sat in the spacious living room, playing with her cell phone, talking to her employees, and delegating tasks through voice messages.

Tang Chuan came out of the kitchen, carefully holding a pot of soup.

He then brought out the fried onion pancakes.

He didn’t want to make something as difficult as fried onion pancakes, but Qin Ning loved anything made from flour. Whether it’s buns, rolls, dumplings, or noodles, she loved them all.

Since she grew up in America, however, she was more accustomed to hamburgers and spaghetti.

So, in order to show off his caring side, Tang Chuan downloaded recipes from the internet and grocery shopped at the local Chinatown for ingredients.

He made Qin Ning fried onion pancakes and paired it with cucumber, tomato, and egg soup…

Although the dishes were quite simple, it was still a feat for a young master like Tang Chuan.

“Ning-Ning, the food is ready…”

“Why does this pancake…look so burnt…it’s almost black…” Qin Ning pursed her lips.

“Oh, give the burnt one to me. You eat the one underneath it.” Tang Chuan immediately put the burnt pancake into his own bowl.

Qin Ning felt guilty seeing him take the burnt pancake so she quickly took it back.

“Don’t. Actually, I like the slightly burnt parts.”

Tang Chuan: “…”

Tang Chuan filled a bowl with soup and passed it over to Qin Ning. “The soup should be great. It’s been boiling for a long time. We will taste the essence.”

Qin Ning took the bowl of soup and took a careful sip.

“How is it? How is it? Does it taste okay? Is it too salty?” Tang Chuan looked nervous.

“It’s okay… I guess it’s not that bad… At least it’s better than what I expected.” Qin Ning showed off her family’s unique charm, being so prideful at all times.

“Hehe, I’m satisfied with this review…” Tang Chuan laughed.

“Well, you’re easy to please…” Qin Ning glanced up at him.

“Of course. Happiness is found in the little things, haha. So, I’m more handsome and more vibrant than Su Yu and your brother? Right?” Tang Chuan grew smug.

“Please, don’t flatter yourself.” Qin Ning’s disses had become a part of his daily life.

These past days of following Qin Ning around… being her assistant in the company during the day and being her nanny when they come home, cooking at night, Tang Chuan had truly gone above and beyond…

Qin Ning had also, slowly but surely, changed her opinion of him…

“Why shouldn’t I flatter myself? It might get me a girlfriend… Anyway, Ning-Ning, when is my probation period over? When will you stop testing me?” Tang Chuan asked Qin Ning, his eyes hopeful.



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