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(Young Master Tang’s Birthday Party (6)

“What are you doing?” Huo Mian covered her face in embarrassment.

She easily fell into his trap, she was too gullible…

Their children were already three, yet he still had such strong desires… Was that a good thing?

Huo Mian couldn’t properly consider that question until she laid on the bed with her legs weakened. It was because Qin Chu took her like a storm.

She didn’t even have time to think…

Every year, Tang Chuan’s birthday party would be luxurious. It would be filled with socially elite men and women, as well as superstars.

Su Yu and Wei Liao always attended, and Huo Mian would attend if she was free. If she wasn’t, she would send a gift.

However, Tang Chuan viewed this year as more important than usual. It would definitely be impolite for her not to attend.

So, before bed, Huo Mian discussed with Qin Chu.

“Sweetie, let’s go to Tang Chuan’s birthday next week.”

“Next weekend?”

“Mhm, he told us in the wechat group today. It was kinda formal…”

“Okay, if I’m free, we’ll go together. Pudding and Little Bean get along with him pretty well… We’ll go together as a family.”

“Mhm, I think his main focus was Ning-Ning. Haha, but Ning-Ning booked a ticket already…”

“That’s between them. We can’t muddle in their business.” Towards Qin Ning’s love life, Qin Chu wouldn’t interfere too much.

He would only give some objective opinions.

Time passed by quickly. Soon, it was Saturday evening. Qin Ning’s plane would leave at ten the next morning.

Tang Chuan’s birthday party began at six in the evening, it seemed like God didn’t want her to go.

That night, Qin Ning was packing her luggage, and the twins didn’t want to let her go.

“What? Don’t look at me like that…” Qin Ning couldn’t handle her nieces’ sad look.

“Auntie, can you stay? I’m going to miss you…” Little Bean had a sweet mouth and tried to get her to stay.

“Auntie, I just made some money selling stocks. Don’t go, I’ll buy you food, we’ll go to hot springs together, okay?” Pudding was generous.

“Ha, I also have money, okay? I’m the youngest board member at GK Headquarters. Though I’m not as excellent as your daddy, I’m not a freeloader… You don’t have to buy me anything,” Qin Ning said while packing.

“I’m sad… I don’t want you to leave…” Little Bean began crying, using her tears as a tactic to get her to stay.

“Don’t be like this, this isn’t the last time we’ll see each other. Auntie will come to visit…” Qin Ning caressed Little Bean’s head.

“Auntie, you’re a girl. Don’t take your job too seriously. Actually, I think marrying a good guy is the most important thing for a girl…” Pudding gave her advice.

“I’m still young, and I can work for a few more years. I’m not in a hurry to get married, so stop trying to pull an arranged-marriage on me, okay? Haha, why don’t you guys come to America with me? You guys can study there and I’ll take care of you…” Qin Ning purposefully teased the twins.

“No, we don’t want to leave Daddy and Mommy…” Little Bean outright refused.

The twins’ unwillingness to let her go couldn’t change Qin Ning’s mind.

After packing her bags, Qin Ning had a video conference with her secretary at the headquarters.

“Andy, my plane will land tomorrow at ten… Pay attention to the flight information and come pick me up early.”

“Yes, Miss Qin.”

“How does my schedule look like for the next few days?” Qin Ning asked her secretary in English.



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