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( Foolish Fantasies (6)

“What are your thoughts?” Huo Mian probingly asked Su Yu.

“It’s up to you because I have to take your feelings into consideration. I cannot treat him like other celebrities due to your relationship with Ni Yang and I take extreme caution with that…” Su Yu said seriously.

Huo Mian felt her heart being weighed down as if a huge rock was pressing against her.

“A hundred million yuan is actually not that much. Nothing will be affected no matter if you pay or I pay…”

“You’re giving her money? Even if we decide to pay, the money will be paid by Imperial Star, not you,” Su Yu immediately extinguished Huo Mian’s intention of paying.

“No, absolutely not. It’s not a problem with money, it’s how she treats Ni Yang. Her behavior makes me angry and sad.”

“I think so too. A woman like this is actually really scary. If we give her money, we can’t guarantee her to not blackmail us in the future. It’d be an endless black hole. I also don’t recommend giving her money.” Su Yu was relieved when he heard Huo Mian say she was not giving out money.

The problem wasn’t money but Ni Yang’s side’s attitude towards this.

As a big shot of the entertainment industry, Su Yu’s style had always been decisive and domineering.

That was why giving out money in exchange for peace wasn’t his style.

“Actually, I have an idea.”

“Um… what is it?”

After Huo Mian told Su Yu, Su Yu couldn’t help but praise Huo Mian. “Our Dr. Huo’s little brain is way too smart. When I’m drunk, I will only lean on you, not the wall. Good job.” (TL Note: it’s an idiom in China, because “lean on” and “be convinced” sounds the same in Chinese)

“Alright, stop joking around. I still need your cooperation…”

“No problem. Just let me know what you need me to do,” Su Yu answered frankly.

“I’ll go to South Side first. I still have an important seminar there. When I get home from work, I’ll organize and publish the information. You can create publicity by uniting the mass media at the time. By the way, we have to buy the 5-cent armies and the whole package too… We can’t let that impudent bitch spread rumors and not allow us to do the same…”

“Understood, the mighty and powerful President Huo. I’ll do whatever you ask.”

“Stop joking around with me… After everything’s done this week, I intend to bring the twins to visit Grandpa Su…”

“Grandpa won’t be home for the next little while. There are many conferences in Jing City towards the end of the year. We still welcome you guys though… My parents miss Pudding and Little Bean a lot.”

“Um, it’ll be great to visit uncle and auntie too. By the way, is Tang Chuan still going after my sister-in-law?” Huo Mian didn’t forget to gossip.

“I’m not quite sure about that. I haven’t seen that guy recently.” Su Yu was a bit confused.

“Alright, I’ll ask her later. How about you and Ning-Ning…”

As Huo Mian started the topic, Su Yu interrupted immediately, “Oh yeah, I can’t chat anymore. I have to meet with a client, bye.”

Huo Mian knew that Su Yu didn’t want to talk about Qin Ning and found an excuse to get away.

– Inside the Huo Family Residence –

Ever since that incident with Huo Siqian and Mo Xue’er, the Huo Corporation suffered quite a bit of a loss.

He hadn’t been to work for a few days and could only have a video conference at home.

Huo Siqian was writing calligraphy within his study in the evening.

“Boss, are we going to let her get away? That Mo Xue’er bitch had you taken to the police station and caused us to lose so much money. She was totally fine, but she said her condition was severe and framed you by hospitalizing herself at South Side… How can we tolerate all that? Everybody wants to avenge you…” the assistant stood behind Huo Siqian and said bitterly.



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