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(Am I a Failure? (9)

Su Yu: “That won’t happen, Auntie. He’s not a child anymore. He won’t be that reckless.”

Mommy Tang: “Then… did he say when he’s coming back?”

Su Yu: “He said he’ll be back around Chinese New Year. Apparently, Qin Ning’s coming back with her father to reunite with Qin Chu.”

Mommy Tang: “That’s great! The New Year is almost here.”

Su Yu: “Yup, so don’t worry, Auntie.”

Mommy Tang: “Yu, when you talk to him again, tell him to call home. It’s not me who’s really worrying, it’s his dad. His dad’s getting old and he misses his son a lot, even if he doesn’t want to admit it. He holds him… in his heart.”

Su Yu: “Okay, don’t worry, I’ll definitely tell him that.”

Mommy Tang: “Alright, then, I’ll let you get back to your work. I’ll come to find your mother for tea once I get a chance.”

Su Yu: “Of course, you’re welcome anytime.”

Their conversation ended in civilities and afterward, Su Yu walked Mrs. Tang out.

Su Yu finally breathed a sigh of relief. He took out his phone and sent Tang Chuan a message.

Su Yu: “Tang Chuan, show yourself.”

Tang Chuan: “Speak.”

Su Yu: “Acting cool with me? Giving me one-word replies?”

Tang Chuan: “Haha, I’m cooking.”

Su Yu: “You? Cooking?!”

Tang Chuan: “What? You don’t believe me?”

Su Yu: “So… is your cooking edible?”

Tang Chuan: “Hey, what’s that supposed to mean? I’m a great cook! Although I haven’t cooked in many years, my skills are still there. Did you forget about the fried rice I cooked for you and Wei Liao?”

Su Yu: “How could I forget? That was the most disgusting dish of fried rice I’ve ever had. It reeked of burnt rice, just beyond disgusting.”

Tang Chuan: “Are you going to stop mocking me or what?”

Su Yu: “Fine, I’ll stop. Your mom was here at my office.”

Tang Chuan: “For what?”

Su Yu: “What else? Of course, she’s looking for you! She suspects that you’re lost or you’ve been kidnapped.”

Tang Chuan: “Psh, does she really think that lowly of me? The old lady’s IQ is clearly regressing.”

Su Yu: “But seriously, what do you going to the U.S have anything to do with you not calling home?”

Tang Chuan: “I had a big fight with them before I came to Los Angeles. So, I just don’t feel like calling.”

Su Yu: “What happened?”

Tang Chuan: “I don’t know from where but my dad found a distant cousin’s friend and they brought over their sweet, innocent daughter. Apparently, she’s a teacher at some notable institution. They want her to be my wife. Actually, during my birthday, that girl was there with her mom. She just didn’t have time to introduce herself. Later on, when she saw me kissing Qin Ning, she started acting crazy, crying and throwing a fit. My dad was really embarrassed about that but my mom seemed totally fine. She didn’t say anything. You know my mom, once she learned about Ningning’s family background, she knew that it’s good for our family. My dad though… he’s completely focused on that teacher girl. He thinks she’s right for me and he tried to stop me from coming to the U.S. He said that I was begging for Qin Ning’s love and that I was wasting my time. How am I supposed to listen to him? I’m still mad at my dad…”

Su Yu: “Um… a teacher? Forget it…I don’t think she suits you. She probably can’t tame you.”

Tang Chuan: “That’s what I said! But my parents really like her. They talk about how she’s so pure, that she’s never dated before, that she’s a virgin, and that she’s conservative… My god, I’m so annoyed. To boot, she and her mom are even staying at my home. Apparently, she’s taking two months of vacation time to stay with me. She wants to get to know me… I mean seriously?!”

Su Yu: “So then?”

Tang Chuan: “So, from that day on, I’ve stopped answering their calls. It’s a waste of my time.”

Su Yu: “I don’t think that’s the main reason. The main reason is that you’re completely focused on Qin Ning, right?”

Tang Chuan: “Ha, I knew you know me well.”

Su Yu: “You’re coming back in a few days, right? What’s happening then?”

Tang Chuan interrupted before Su Yu could finish his sentence, “I have to go, Su Yu, my soup’s drying up!”

With that, Tang Chuan put down his phone to the side.

He lifted the lid to check on the soup.

“Little Chuan, when are we going to eat? I’m about to die from hunger.” Qin Ning walked into the kitchen with a bottle of coke in her hand, looking high and mighty.



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