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(Doctor Huo’s Heart’s Feeling Bitter (8)

“Just wait. You’ll find out soon enough,” Su Yu said hastily. Then, he left the hospital, leaving Jian Tong in a demented state.

She was so unstable that she ripped her needles out and screamed in pain. She was very uncooperative with the doctors and bit anyone she saw.

Su Yu, however, did not look back.

It had been one full day since Little Bean got poisoned at Su Yu’s place, and Su Yu wasn’t able to get a good sleep anywhere, whether it was at his house or the office.

He looked like he was not in the world when he was at work.

When it was close to 5 PM, many of his friends called to ask him out for dinner but Su Yu declined all the invitations.

“President Su, it’s time to get off work… Mrs. Su has just called to ask you to go home for dinner.”

“Okay, I got it.” Then, Su Yu stood up.

Suddenly, his phone rang. It was Little Bean video-calling him. Because it was Little Bean, Su Yu became rather excited.

It was the first time she called him after leaving the hospital.

Su Yu immediately picked up the phone.

“Little Bean…” he said slowly.

“Hello, Handsome Su! What are you doing?” Little Bean put her phone against the wall while she waved her chubby little hands in front of the camera.

She was in an emerald green Cheongsam. Her hair was done, curled up, and she looked like a little princess.

“I’m at the office but I was just about to leave.”

“Do you have any plans after?”

“Yeah, I’m going home for dinner.”

“Oh, so you’re heading to Grandpa Su and Grandma Su’s place. Aww… How boring is it to eat with old people. Why don’t you come to my place instead?” Little Bean invited him with a smile.

Before Su Yu could say anything, Pudding came up. She was in the exact outfit as Little Bean.

“Handsome Su, come… We have a bet going on. If you come in your Lamborghini, it’ll only take you at most 20 minutes…” Pudding said.

“Pudding, back off! I’m talking to Handsome Su. Why do you need to be like this?” Little Bean acted as she was dissatisfied.

“If I don’t help, do you think Handsome Su will come because of you?” Pudding said arrogantly.

“Why wouldn’t he? I just recovered! Handsome Su, are you not going to come see me?” Little Bean acted in an adorable manner.

Su Yu paused and then said softly, “Of course I will.”

“Great! On your way here, can you please pick up some coconut milk sago pudding for me at Li Ji?” Little Bean took full advantage of the situation.


“And I want pineapple buns with butter…” Little Bean added.

“Okay,” Su Yu said with a smile.

“Oh, I also want a black forest cake. Thanks!”

“Anything else?” Su Yu asked.

“Nope. Just that.”

“Is your mom at home?” Su Yu asked worriedly.

After the incident, he no longer knew how to face Huo Mian.

“Yeah, Daddy’s home too. They’re busy making yummy food for us. Daddy and Mommy are both cooking tonight. Mommy’s making your favorite sliced fish in hot chili oil. Sounds yummy, right?” Little Bean asked with a giggle.

Then, Huo Mian came over in a flowery apron. She said to Su Yu through the camera, “Hurry over or everything would be gone.”

“Okay. I’ll be there soon.”

The whole family was treating Su Yu with sincere hospitality; there was no way he could refuse. He also wanted to go see Little Bean, regardless of whether Huo Mian and Qin Chu were blaming him for the incident. He knew he had to give them an explanation because all that happened at his place.

Su Yu decided that he would talk to Qin Chu alone tonight so they could decide what to do with Jian Tong, as this incident almost cost Little Bean her life.

After work, Su Yu called home and explained the situation. Then, he drove his black Lamborghini to South Hill Manor.

Just as Pudding expected, Su Yu was there within 20 minutes.

The twins ran towards him as soon as he stepped inside.

“Wow! Handsome Su, I miss you!” Little Bean hugged Su Yu’s legs and pretended to be cute as always.

Pudding carefully took over the dessert. Su Yu had bought a lot, and he had bought two servings of each.

Su Yu picked up Little Bean. Before he could say anything, Qin Chu walked over, wearing a black polo shirt.



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