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(Am I a Failure? (7)

“Don’t worry, at least she won’t be able to beat me to death so I can still marry her. I’ve already made up my mind so can you please help me, Sis?” Ni Yang said sincerely.

After much persuasion, Huo Mian finally gave in.

“Okay… Fine… I’ll try my best but I can’t guarantee anything.”

“Don’t worry. I believe in your acting skills, Sis!”

After a delightful conversation with Ni Yang, Huo Mian went back to her work.

– At the headquarters of the Imperial Star Corporation –

After the dinner at South Hill Manor, Su Yu was relieved, because he knew that Huo Mian, Qin Chu, and the twins did not blame him.

“President Su, Mrs. Tang is here. She wants to see you,” An knocked on his door and reported.

“Mrs. Tang? What?” Su Yu had a bad feeling about this.

“Let her in.” Tang Chuan’s mother was a typical rich Asian woman in her fifties. She would spend her day doing facials, playing mahjong, and drinking tea with her fellow rich friends.

She was originally from a rich family so during all her years in the Tang Family, she maintained a high status.

When Tang Chuan’s father was young, he had cheated on her quite a lot. However, those women outside of home were just fleeting memories.

Mrs. Tang was his one and only wife. She had a huge sense of pride. Whatever bad attitudes and tempers you could imagine of a rich lady, she had it.

She was arrogant, hard to reason with, hard to please, and a bit too traditional.

In a way, she was similar to how Qin Chu’s mother used to be. From all the rich kids’ families, Su Yu’s mother was the kindest amongst them all. Huo Mian had a good first impression of Mrs. Su and they got to know each other really well.

“Auntie, what brings you here?” An led Tang Chuan’s mother into his office.

Su Yu stood up to greet her.

“Yu, I’m here because I have something to talk to you about… Am I disturbing your work?”

“No, Auntie, what brings you here?” Su Yu knew Tang Chuan’s mother would not come if she didn’t need something from him.

His secretary got two cups of tea for them. However, Mrs. Tang did not seem to be in the mood for tea.

“Yu, you and Chuan have been best friends since you were kids. I’ve watched you and that kid from the Wei Family grow up… I know you guys are best buds and hang out with each other a lot. Can you please tell me if something happens?”

“Auntie, you can be straightforward with me, I will answer what I know.”

Su Yu was actually quite afraid of Tang Chuan’s mother because she had a weird temper and was also quite explosive.

When Tang Chuan refused to settle for his family’s arranged marriage, he got into a big fight with them. Tang Chuan’s mother directly cut apart several of Tang Chuan’s credit cards.

However, Tang Chuan was smart and knew what was coming for him. That was why he had bought into Su Yu and Wei Liao’s company a long time ago. With just the dividends, he could live a very wealthy life.

Moreover, he had a private account in a Swiss bank. That was the money that came from his random investments of all those years.

Yet, that number was unbelievably big. Outsiders would just think Tang Chuan was eating off his family’s money.

However, he didn’t bother to clear his name because it didn’t mean anything to him. It was the truth that his family was rich but it was also true that he made a lot of money himself.

Ultimately, Tang Chuan had won that battle with his family. However, Tang Chuan’s mother got really sick after that and had to take a lot of Chinese medicine before finally recovering.

“Has Chuan contacted you guys recently?”

“Oh… Um…” Su Yu didn’t know how much Tang Chuan’s mother knew about Tang Chuan. He was afraid that she was trying to get information from him that his friend didn’t want to tell his mom so he didn’t dare to say too much too.



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