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(Young Master Tang’s Birthday Party (13)

“What the… you scared me, Pudding!” Even after turning around and saw the little girl, Qin Ning still felt startled.

“It’s exactly 11:25 PM right now, so you came back home on time. It seems like Uncle Tang is pretty reliable since he’s at least he’s punctual with time,” Pudding said as she checked the time with the phone in her hand.

“Haha, are you serious…” Qin Ning thought Pudding was joking. She didn’t expect the little girl to actually be checking the time closely.

“Of course I’m serious. Children say what they like, but if you promised me, you have to do it.”

“Fine, fine, now that Auntie is back, you can rest assured. Go sleep, it’s really late.”

“Okay. Auntie, you go to sleep soon too. You have to catch your flight tomorrow morning.” Afterward, Pudding turned around to walk back to her own room.

After Qin Ning came back to her bed after a shower, she saw a WeChat message from Tang Chuan.

“Thank you for coming out for dinner with me tonight. Everything was a joy except for the stinky tofu.”

After reading the message, Qin Ning couldn’t stop laughing.

So this guy was still holding a grudge for the stinky tofu that she made him eat.

“Next time I will treat you to some durian,” Qin Ning intentionally teased.

“Oh my god, please no, please leave me alone.”


“Go and sleep early, good night!” Tang Chuan knew it was late and Qin Ning was going to bed, and that she had a plane to catch on the next day.

“Yes, you too.” After Qin Ning typed this, she put her phone next to her pillow and closed her eyes to sleep.

But after Tang Chuan said goodnight, he couldn’t actually sleep.

Despite the fact that he was drunk, he was still driving around in his Ferrari in the dark.

It seemed like he was trying to relive old times through the speed and passion.

At 1:50 AM, he parked his car in front of Su Yu’s house.

Then, he started ringing the doorbell like crazy.

Su Yu got up from his bed, still half-dreaming, and walked down from upstairs.

“Holy f-… You will be lucky if I don’t kill you when I open the door.” Su Yu almost had the urge to kill someone, being woken up at this ungodly hour.

It was crazy for someone to not sleep in the middle of the night, much less come over to ring his doorbell.

The instant Su Yu opened his door, he raised his fist. Luckily, Tang Chuan avoided it in time.

“What are you doing, Young Master Su? Why you are so mad?” Tang Chuan felt happy.

“Why don’t you get someone to keep ringing your doorbell in the middle of the night while you are trying to sleep, and let me know how you feel.” Su Yu wasn’t all the way sober yet and was still half-dreaming.

“Hahaha, because I’m too bored. I sent you WeChat messages and you ignored me. I called you but you didn’t pick up. So I could only come and find you.”

“What the hell are you doing in the middle of the night, not sleeping? My phone is always on silent at night.” Su Yu scratched his head, opened up his fridge, and took out a bottle of Coke to drink while still being only half awake.

“Young Master Su… I can’t fall asleep…”

“If you can’t fall asleep then go to the red light district. Isn’t that your favorite? You can play 2P, 3P, and even…” said Su Yu slowly after rolling his eyes at him.

“F… Su Yu I didn’t know you were so dirty now. You even know about…” said Tang Chuan with an evil laugh while pointing at Su Yu.

“One takes on the attributes of one’s associates. I was such an innocent person before. After spending so much time with a dirty person like you, of course, I would be influenced.”

“Then why don’t you say you were born this way. Ha.”

“But if you, Young Master Tang, don’t want to sleep in the middle of the night, you should go find girls. It’s not good for you to come to me, right?” Su Yu was finally more awake. He was lazily leaning on his couch in his white shirt and staring at Tang Chuan.

“I don’t want to find girls. I’m not into girls recently.”

“Stop saying this kind of crap. I don’t know who the jerk was that was harassing Qin Chu’s younger cousin in the WeChat group last night.”

“Yes, speaking of Ning Ning. I have to ask you seriously. Are you really not interested in her at all?” Tang Chuan looked at Su Yu seriously.

“Hey hey hey, why is this back on me again?” Su Yu was speechless.



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