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(Career or Woman? (14)

“Um, this is an extremely serious matter, why are you asking me about it?” Huo Mian thought that Su Yu already knew what to do, but it seemed like she was wrong.

“Because I trust you… Help me, Dr. Huo.” Su Yu smiled.

“You have dozens of people in your PR department, why are you asking me? You sure overestimate my capabilities.” Huo Mian didn’t like to put her nose in places where she wasn’t needed, so she wanted to refuse.

“Come on, we’re closer than that. Plus, Ni Yang’s like your brother and Chen Jie’s your assistant… It’s only right for me to come by and discuss things with you.”

“Gosh, thanks for putting me on a pedestal, Young Master Su. Tell me, what were you thinking of doing? After all, you’re the president of Imperial Star, so you get the final say.”

“What I think? Umm… I’m actually not completely sure… Right now, he has to make a choice between his career and the woman he loves. If Ni Yang wants to go public with his relationship, he will lose a lot of fans. Young girls have fantasies toward their idols, so if they found out that Ni Yang’s dating someone and thinking about marriage, they might refuse to buy his albums in the future… which will inevitably affect his career. If he doesn’t want to lose fans and is thinking about being a top star for a couple more years, he should just deny their relationship. Then, the company will disclose a statement saying that we’re going to take legal actions against whoever started this scandal, which will probably fix the problem. But if we do that, Chen Jie’s life will become harder, because the public will think of her as a manipulative, eyeball-grabbing woman… At the end of the day, it really depends on Ni Yang, and I’ll respect his decision no matter what. After all, Imperial Star is humane. What do you think?”

Su Yu asked for Huo Mian’s opinion after telling her what he thought.

She nodded. “I agree with you since these are the only choices they have right now. They can either go public or deny their relationship completely. But we can’t make this decision for him, let’s wait until Ni Yang comes back. He’s arriving tonight and coming to see me as soon as he does, you should come. We can talk about it then.”

“Sure, I’ll get to have dinner with you!” Su Yu said happily.

Huo Mian smiled without saying anything.

“But what if your husband gets jealous? Should we ask him to come as well?” Su Yu was worried that Qin Chu might be suspicious; Huo Mian, however, burst out in laughter.

“What are you laughing about?” Su Yu asked, feeling confused.

“I’m laughing at you, of course! You’re thinking too much… Mr. Qin never suspects me. I’ve known him for so long, do you think we’d get married if he didn’t trust me?” Huo Mian said, happiness oozing out of her eyes as she gushed about Qin Chu from the bottom of her heart.

Truth be told, Su Yu struggled with Huo Mian’s genuine happiness. On one hand, he wanted Huo Mian to be happy for the rest of her life. On the other hand, he was extremely jealous of Qin Chu, who got to meet Huo Mian when they were young and occupied her past, present, and future.

To married couples, soap-opera romance was overrated and using their actions to prove how much they loved and trusted each other was the ultimate secret to lasting love.

“Okay… you win.” Upon hearing what Huo Mian said, Su Yu smiled slightly and changed the topic. He then left South Side, waiting to talk about Ni Yang’s matter over dinner.

The news continued to blast about Ni Yang’s relationship, and Chen Jie hid at home, afraid of being targeted again.

Towards the end of the day, Mr. Qin sent Huo Mian a video chat request.

“Hey, Mr. Qin…”

“Are you coming home soon? Do you want me to pick you up?” Qin Chu looked at her ever-so-gently.

“No, it’s okay, I have a date tonight, haha.”

“You have a date? How brave of you, Dr. Huo, shouldn’t you be more low-key about these things in front of your husband?” Qin Chu asked, pretending to put on a stern face.



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