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(Am I a Failure? (8)

“Stop covering for him. He’s almost 30 and he’s still so unpredictable. I can understand his spontaneity during his birthday but now? I don’t even see him anymore. He disappeared without saying goodbye to his parents. He’s not answering his phone or replying on WeChat, and he even stopped updating his status on social media. I feel like I’ve lost my son to kidnappers! His father and I have been thinking about this over and over again these past few days. My heart’s already weak… and whenever I think about him, I become more and more fearful. I even took a pill yesterday to calm myself down. What is he doing to us?”

Mrs. Tang looked like she was worried sick. She was clearly here for Tang Chuan.

Su Yu immediately explained, “Auntie, don’t worry. He’s definitely not lost. Tang Chuan’s always been very clever. If everyone was lost in this world, he would be one of those that could find his way back to Earth…”

“Then why isn’t he contacting us? His father sent people to look for him and they told us that he’s in Los Angeles. We don’t know anything anymore. We don’t have that much power in the U.S so it’s difficult to look for him. That’s why I came to ask you. Look, Yu, could you please just tell me what’s actually going on? Please?”

“Of course… Auntie, please don’t freak out. Listen to me, Tang Chuan is definitely fine. He’s very safe. Also, he really is in Los Angeles right now… he’s probably not updating his social media because he’s too busy?”

“Busy? Busy with what? Sleeping until noon?” Mrs. Tang was too familiar with her son’s habits.

“Actually, this will come as a big surprise to you…Tang Chuan is actually working in the U.S now.”

“What?! He’s working?” Mrs. Tang’s jaws dropped.

“Yep, he’s working. I message him every day. I know what he’s doing.”

“Why is he working? Is he crazy? Our family business is already busy enough. He’s not helping us but he’s working in the U.S?” Mrs. Tang was beyond livid. As far as she was concerned, her son was irresponsible and ridiculous.

“Auntie, he’s working because of Qin Ning…”

“Qin Ning? The girl from his birthday party?” Mrs.Tang was taken aback.

Su Yu nodded.

“Isn’t that girl the younger sister of GK’s president Mr. Qin?” Mrs. Tang questioned.


“Her family background isn’t bad. I didn’t see her face clearly that day since the light was too strong. Chuan really likes her?”


“So in order to court her, he went to the U.S and is working for her company?”

“That’s basically what happened…”

“Alright… I’m really speechless… I have no words for my son…” Mrs. Tang finally let out a sigh.

“Auntie, you should be glad that he has a girl he likes. At least he’ll forget about the past… Plus, he’ll straighten himself out. Like you’ve said, he’s almost 30. His life’s not going to go anywhere if he continues his old habits. He’ll eventually take over the family business, get married, and have kids. Isn’t this the perfect time for him to fall for a girl? Plus, she’s not just any ordinary girl. Her family’s incredibly powerful, she’s beautiful, and she’s highly educated. Where are you going to find another girl like that in C City?”

Su Yu picked all the right words to say, and sure enough, Mrs. Tang’s face began to soften.

“I’m just worried that she won’t like his childish ways. When she gets sick of him, he’ll have wasted so much time. What if it turns out the same as Jin Ying? How are we, his parents supposed to live?” At the height of her worries, Mrs. Tang even wiped away streams of tears, making Su Yu’s heart ache a little just from watching.



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