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(Foolish Fantasies (4)

Huo Mian didn’t rush. She took a small sip of coffee and said slowly, “When Ni Yang’s depression took place years ago, you brought him to see the doctor immediately. His family and he truly appreciate you for this incident. A simple thank you also isn’t enough for your help in dragging him out of his mess and giving him the opportunity to make something of himself. But Ni Yang has earned a lot of money for you these years and you should be content already. He is obedient to you about almost everything. He still went on the show as a guest for you despite feeling ill. The only thing that we didn’t discuss with you was signing the contract with GK. I know that you didn’t think GK would do well. Even though GK isn’t affiliated with the entertainment industry anymore, Ni Yang’s talent wasn’t buried away because Imperial Star’s President Su gave him a better platform. Yet, for the temporary interest on Huo Siqian’s end, you disregarded his choice, framed Chen Jie, and got between their relationship. I thought you and Ni Yang considered each other as family over these years and even Ni Yang thought so himself, but in the end, he was just a money tree for you. Everything’s fine if he can make money, but once he doesn’t listen to you or gets in the way of your benefits, you will become so merciless towards him. Yingzi, why are you so heartless as a woman? Even having a dog for many years will nurture feelings too. Will you harm it because it’s sometimes not obedient? Why are you so cruel?”

Huo Mian accused Yingzi’s actions from before. She started with the relationship card, followed by the condemnation and question.

“Haha… President Huo is full of imagination.” Yingzi still seemed unwilling to admit any fault.

“You don’t have to deny it. I can’t think of anyone other than you that would do this… Maybe the paparazzi did expose his relationship, but the way of blackening his fame, making him suffer, and exposing his past and family background, I really can’t think of anyone else except you.” Huo Mian was almost certain that the person was Yingzi.

After listening to Huo Mian’s words, Yingzi raised her chin in a provoking manner. “Even if I did it, what can you do? Aren’t those things truth? It was true that he went behind my back, didn’t listen to me, and dated that nurse… His parent’s scandals, the illegitimate kid that his mom had after, and the ridiculous things that he did when he was young are all true. I did not slander his reputation…”

“But as the person he once trusted the most, taking these things out is equivalent to rubbing salt on his wounds. Are you trying to ruin him by doing this at such a sensitive timing?” Huo Mian raged, wanting to slap her when she saw the smirk on Yingzi’s face.

“What’s wrong about ruining him? I made him who he is today. I can make him famous and I can also destroy him. Aren’t you like his sister? You help him then. Aren’t you a godlike existence that also has a high IQ?” Yingzi looked at Huo Mian scornfully.

“You’re right. Ni Yang indeed is like my brother and a family member. I will do something about it…”

“Go help him then. Why do you bother talking to me?” Yingzi picked up her coffee proudly.

“Tell me, how can I make you stop and give Ni Yang a break?” Huo Mian took a deep breath and tried to calm herself down.



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