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( Foolish Fantasies (8)

Her manager didn’t feel comfortable leaving Mo Xue’er alone with Huo Siqian because she was still worried that he would hurt her.

“It’s fine. Just give us a few minutes of alone time,” Mo Xue’er repeated herself. Only then did her manager slowly retreat from her room.

Huo Siqian and Mo Xue’er were the only ones left in this big luxurious VIP patient room.

“You must hate me to death right now, right?” Mo Xue’er felt so guilty that she couldn’t even look Huo Siqian in the eye.

She had many malicious things she could have said to him, but she didn’t have enough courage to say when he was right in front of her.

“Why should I hate you?” Huo Siqian pulled over a chair and sat down.

He picked up a mandarin from the table and started to carefully peel it…

“Because I cost you a lot of money and damaged your reputation… I even got the police to arrest you… Shouldn’t you hate me to the extent that you want to kill me?” Mo Xue’er uttered each of her words clearly.

On the other hand, Huo Siqian wasn’t anxious to respond. He continued to slowly peel the mandarin. He took a small piece and put it by Mo Xue’er’s mouth.

“Here, eat some mandarin,” he said in a gentle tone.

Mo Xue’er was once again shocked…

“Why are you frozen? Don’t you love mandarin? It’s in season so it should be very sweet…” Then Huo Siqian put the piece into her mouth and then peel another piece for himself.

The two didn’t look like enemies at all – they looked more like a couple.

She couldn’t take it any longer when Huo Siqian tried to put another piece of mandarin in her mouth.

She slapped Huo Siqian’s hand, sending the mandarin to the floor. “Huo Siqian, don’t act with me! What the f*ck do you want?”

Huo Siqian seemed to have a smile hanging on his face and said, “That bad temper of yours… You’re still the same old you… Didn’t I tell you that you need to maintain your composure? You don’t seem to have learned anything.”

“Are you trying to tell me to be more like Huo Mian? Hahaha. Let me make this clear to you. I can’t learn it because I am me and Huo Mian is Huo Mian. I won’t try to imitate her. Even if I did try to be like her, you won’t like me… I know…” Mo Xue’er was rather provoked. Deep inside, she was indeed jealous of Huo Mian to her core.

Huo Mian was calm, gentle, and smart. She was none of those things.

In front of tough decisions, Huo Mian was able to exercise intense calmness. This was her gift and inimitable by others.

“I never told you to be like Mian… I’m only stating the problems in you, Xue’er. You’ve been by my side for many years… I’ve witnessed how you were able to become a star from an ordinary girl…”

“So you’re saying that I should be thankful towards you? So you’re saying that I don’t know how to show gratitude?” Mo Xue’er gave an evil grin.

“No, you don’t need to thank me for anything. You gave me your youth. I just think we’re equal now. We don’t owe each other anything. You were by my side while I made you a star. I thought we broke up peacefully but never would I expect you to be so extreme…” Huo Siqian calmly recounted the events.

“We’re equal? B*llshit. Huo Siqian, let me make this clear for you: We will never be equal. You owe me a life! My child! That innocent child of mine that never got to see this world! You killed him! Huo Mian though, her children are alive and well! And you even treat the twins like they were your children… Do you have a conscious? Are you cold-blooded?” Mo Xue’er still held a grudge against Huo Siqian about her dead baby.



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