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(Career or Woman? (13)

“Hey, Doctor slash Deputy Director Huo…” Su Yu loved seeing Huo Mian in her white lab coat and black-rimmed glasses, so he would warmly smile whenever he saw her in that getup. Although she looked nerdy, she also looked incredibly adorable and likable, unlike her usual icy, prideful CEO image.

“If it isn’t the super busy President Su, why are you here?” Huo Mian smiled, and the two of them walked into her office together, where Huo Mian poured Su Yu a glass of water and placed it onto her desk.

Su Yu sat down across from her. “I’m here to see you, of course. I haven’t visited since you came back to work.”

“So? You just came here empty-handed? Gosh,” Huo Mian joked purposely.

“Empty-handed? Says who? I’m known for my generosity, alright? Look at what I brought you.” Su Yu then reached behind and like magic, a box appeared before Huo Mian’s eyes.

Her eyes lit up when she saw what it was. “Oh my god, crabs! You know me well, Su Yu.”

She was genuinely and pleasantly surprised; if Su Yu were to give her something expensive, she would have refused immediately. However, she could never say ‘no’ to food, especially when it was her favorite!

“A client brought some over from Macao and gave me a bunch. It’s pretty tasty and they’re all huge, so I thought I’d bring you some.”

“You sure know me well.” Huo Mian then pried open the box full of crabs and looked at them as she smacked her lips.

“So, you’re not a fancy deputy director, you’re just a foodie, right? Don’t tell me Qin Chu got you to date him for a piece of candy,” Su Yu said, his tone was filled with jealousy.

“Of course not! Am I someone that easy? I would agree at least after three pieces,” Huo Mian said, extending three fingers.

“Okay, you win… Did you agree to date him for just three pieces of candy? Qin Chu really did catch you at the right time…”

Their opening was so chill and funny, without a speck of awkwardness.

The truth was, Huo Mian never felt awkward when she saw Su Yu; rather, she treated him like an old friend. As long as he refrained from expressing his feelings towards her, their relationship really wasn’t so complicated. Plus, after Qin Chu came home, Su Yu never once brought up the topic of ‘them’, and he also stopped hanging out with Huo Mian all the time. He kept a safe distance because he didn’t want her to feel troubled.

Therefore, Huo Mian was grateful for everything Su Yu’s done for her…

Liu Ruoying, a famous singer, had a song called, ‘I Love You Very Much’.

The lyrics went like this – perhaps if I returned to being your good friend, you wouldn’t feel as troubled as you do right now. I love you very much, so I’m okay with you flying away. I love you very much, so only when you are happy can my heart rest at ease.

These lyrics probably expressed Su Yu’s true inner feelings…

“Thanks for the seafood, Young Master Su… you know I can’t say ‘no’ to food, but back to business, you came to talk to me about Ni Yang, didn’t you?” Huo Mian asked.

After all, Ni Yang was the signature artist under Su Yu’s label, which meant the latter had to do something about a scandal of this magnitude.

Su Yu nodded. “Mhm, I did, do you have any idea what we should do? I need advice, super-genius Dr. Huo.”



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