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(Foolish Fantasies (7)

Huo Siqian paused. Then, he slowly put down the calligraphy brush in his hand and asked, “Do you know what kind of pleasure I get from doing these big projects?”

His subordinates did not understand where he was getting at, so they did not dare to give an affirmative answer.

“Sorry, we don’t know. Can you please tell us?”

“It’s like playing tag. I enjoy the process… The best part isn’t catching the target but rather how you can intimidate her while trying to catch her, thus magnifying the terror in her heart…”

His subordinates were incapable of reaching Huo Siqian’s realm and thus did not understand what he just said.

Wasn’t revenge something you would do to those you hate?

“Is Mo Xue’er still at South Side?” Huo Siqian asked.

“Yeah, she’s still hospitalized. Every day, there would be reporters there to interview her. She’s being very high-profile, so she might be aiming to make a comeback in the entertainment industry. People on the internet are spreading the news that she has an eight million contract with Tianxin Media Company. Is it true that President Xiang helped her get it?”

“Yeah, it’s true.” Huo Siqian nodded. Then he looked down at his watch.

It was over a bit after seven. Since it wasn’t too late, he told his subordinate, “Get the car ready. I’m going to South Side to check her out.”

“Boss, the media is on top of this right now. Don’t you think you shouldn’t show yourself with her now?” His subordinates were rattled when they heard that Huo Siqian wanted to go see Mo Xue’er. They did not know what he was trying to do.

“Just go and prepare the car.” Huo Siqian was very calm from the beginning to the end.

The people at South Side were all shocked to see Huo Siqian at the hospital with a rose bouquet.

Mo Xue’er’s guards panicked when they saw him at her door.

“Xue’er, Xue’er, Huo Siqian is here…” her manager rushed in to report. She too was dumbfounded by the sight.

“What does he want?” Mo Xue’er was originally playing on her phone in bed but once she got the news, she got up.

She also looked a bit rattled.

“I don’t know. He only has one bodyguard with him. He also has a bouquet of roses too… He’s outside. Do you want to let him in?”

“Let him in. I don’t think he’d dare to hurt me publicly!” Mo Xue’er actually secretly missed Huo Siqian.

Even though they had now become enemies, she still wanted to see him. This was a fatal weakness of this woman.

“Miss Mo said it’s okay for Mr. Huo to go in. You guys can get out of his way,” her manager commanded. Then, her bodyguards cleared the path for Huo Siqian.

Huo Siqian had 99 roses in his hand. He walked straight towards Mo Xue’er’s bedside.

“President Huo, what brings you here?” Even though Mo Xue’er was in hospital clothes, she still had heavy makeup on.

She still looked delicate and alluring and not at all resembling the look of a normal patient.

From the looks of it, her wounds weren’t serious. She might not have even been hurt at all.

Huo Siqian put down the roses by Mo Xue’er’s bed. He looked at her with a charming smile and said, “How are you doing? Are you feeling better?”

That look of his made Mo Xue’er recall the distant past of sweet memories when she was still with Huo Siqian. This look was that of Huo Siqian, and only Huo Siqian. It bedazzled and enchanted her. At that moment, she was lured in again.

“Ah-hem, Xue’er… President Huo is talking to you,” her manager reminded.

Mo Xue’er was able to return to her conscious self. “Oh… Um… Can you walk out for a sec first? I want to talk to President Huo alone…” she told her manager.



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