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( Defeating You, Fair and Square (9)

“Then what? Are you going to tell the entire world that you divorced Wei Ying for Huo Yanyan? The Wei Family is already in an uproar. You’re not protecting Yanyan by doing this, but rather, you’re putting her in danger…” Huo Mian analyzed, sending Shen Mingxi into silence.

Perhaps he was really set in his own ways and always ignored what others thought about him. Therefore, he completely overlooked how much his divorce might hurt Huo Yanyan and was rendered speechless by Huo Mian’s remarks.

“I understand that you want to take care of Yanyan and her daughter, but I really don’t want them to be drowned by scandals and gossip. The Wei Family is powerful, so you need to mentally prepare yourself if divorce is what you want. Yanyan saved my daughters and I’m extremely grateful for what she did, so I will take care of them even if you don’t. I’ve actually already made plans for them… Yanyan’s an innocent woman, if you really want to treat her as a friend, you should make things crystal clear to her rather than give her hope. If you don’t and she falls in love with you just to have the rug pulled out from under her later on, she might have to spend the rest of her life in agony.”

What Huo Mian said made Shen Mingxi feel both ashamed and embarrassed, sending him into deep thought. He finally understood why Su Yu loves this woman so much – she was so smart and calm, and she saw things objectively.

“Thank you… I get what you’re saying, and I will think things through.” Shen Mingxi thanked Huo Mian with all his heart.

“Please, you don’t have to thank me, I’m just saying it as it is,” Huo Mian replied, turning around to leave.

Time flew by, and Huo Yanyan was discharged a week later.

That day, Shen Mingxi’s people picked Tiantian up, and neither of them moved into the two-bedroom apartment that Huo Mian had prepared.

She knew that Shen Mingxi probably made better arrangements and that Huo Yanyan was probably still mourning over the death of her brother. Therefore, Huo Mian decided to let her be for the time being.

Soon, the annual Mian Foundation Charity Night arrived.

Qin Chu had established the foundation using Huo Mian’s name, and over the last few years, they had helped countless people, including children who lived in the mountains, retired individuals, and children with congenital disorders.

All in all, Huo Mian had been running the foundation for more than four years, making the Mian Foundation one of the most renowned charities in China.

That day, GK held a large-scale charity ball at the Ritz Carlton, inviting businessmen and celebrities from all over the country.

Countless artists from Su Yu’s company attended, including Ni Yang, whose appearance lit up the crowd.

Huo Mian walked into the ballroom in a pure white gown, her arms elegantly in Qin Chu’s.

Their entrance attracted everyone’s attention…

“Wow, President Qin is so good looking! Dr. Huo is so elegant, they’ve been married for years but still love each other so much! Gosh, I really envy them…” Someone in the crowd muttered.

Yang Meirong went into the ballroom with the twins, while Zhixin was bustling about helping out the event. Pudding was dressed like a little boy, in a black suit and black hat, while Little Bean was wearing a white princess dress like her mother, with a flower wreath on her head.

They were so cute that the media couldn’t help but take a bunch of photos of them…

Qin Ning came wearing a handsome suit paired with leather boots. Her outfit looked unique but not flashy, allowing her to shine in a room of ball gowns.

Tang Chuan, Su Yu, and Wei Liao went together. When Tang Chuan walked in, his eyes immediately sparkled at the sight of Qin Ning, who was sipping on a glass of champagne.




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