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(Defeating You, Fair and Square (1)

“Qin Ning’s WeChat? Um… I don’t have it.” Su Yu was telling the truth; they weren’t close at all! Why did the entire world think that something was going between them when in actuality, they didn’t even know each other that well?

“I don’t believe you. come on, give me her WeChat. I thought we were friends!” Tang Chuan exclaimed anxiously.

Su Yu took out his phone, unlocked it, and threw it at Tang Chuan. “If you don’t believe me, take a look at my phone.”

Upon hearing this, Tang Chuan immediately opened up Su Yu’s WeChat contact list. To his surprise, Qin Ning’s name was not on it. Moreover, Su Yu only had three women on his contact list – Huo Mian, Pudding, and Little Bean.

He didn’t even have Jian Tong’s or his company’s other female artists’ WeChats. That was how stubborn he was.

“Damn, you really don’t have her WeChat!”

“Now do you believe me?” Su Yu reached out to take back his phone, but Tang Chuan swiftly avoided his grasp.

“Give me back my phone.”

“Haha, come on, what’s the rush? Let me borrow it for a second,” Tang Chuan said as he sent Little Bean a WeChat message. “Give me Qin Ning’s WeChat ID, I want to add her.”

Tang Chuan originally wanted to ask but knew that the latter was a little too smart. He would be screwed if Pudding found out that he was an imposter.

However… at the end of the day, he underestimated Little Bean, because she didn’t believe him either. Instead, she sent him a voice message, “Are you really Handsome Su?”

Tang Chuan immediately replied, “Of course I am.”

“Send a voice message then,” Pudding commanded.

Tang Chuan felt speechless as he handed the phone to Su Yu. “The twins are practically little devils. I picked the not-so-smart one out of the two yet she still wasn’t fooled. Help me, alright?”

Su Yu glared at Tang Chuan as hard as he could. “Who said Little Bean’s not smart? She might seem goofy, but she’s just as smart as Pudding. Stop causing trouble for me, will you?”

After scolding Tang Chuan, he still sent Little Bean a voice message. “Little Bean, it’s me.”

“Handsome Su, why do you want my Auntie’s WeChat all of a sudden? Are you in love with her?” Little Bean was the gossip of the family.

“Um, no, I just wanted to add her since we’re friends.” Su Yu randomly found an excuse.

“Oh, I see, I thought Uncle Tang was beside you and threatened you to do it,” Little Bean muttered to herself, scaring the sh*t out of both Tang Chuan and Su Yu – how in the world did she know!

“Uh, why would you say that?” Su Yu replied with a voice message.

“Because my sister said that she and my auntie ran into Uncle Tang today when they were out bowling and that he looked at my auntie like a fly at a rotten egg… Oh, wait, that’s not a good metaphor… Like a dung beetle looking at a pile of poop… I bet he wants to chase after my auntie, so I thought he was using your phone to trick me into giving him her WeChat ID.”

After hearing what Little Bean said, Tang Chuan didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry – the dung beetle and poop metaphor were worse than the rotten egg metaphor… What kind of words was she using? Tang Chuan felt himself going crazy.

Su Yu, on the other hand, choked back laughter and asked in all seriousness. “Are you guys okay with Uncle Tang chasing after your auntie?”

“Of course not, Handsome Su, what kind of question is that?” Little Bean answered without thinking.

“Why not? Your Uncle Tang is also pretty good looking, rich, good to women… He’s a lot more romantic than I am,” Su Yu teased Little Bean on purpose.



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