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(Leave it to the Heavens to Punish that Bitch (5)

“I’m sorry, where did you hear these rumors? President Su and I, our relationship is quite stable, and we never fight. The Su Family treats me well as well, I’ve had dinner at their house a couple of times, and they’ve been amazing to me,” Jian Tong replied with a smile as she lied without flinching.

“Do you plan on getting married?” a reporter asked.

“We’ll have to see how things go… right now we’re just enjoying our relationship. However, we will share with you as soon as something good happens.”

Then, Jian Tong walked in with her agent, spending one million yuan on a charity bid item in an attempt to secure her reputation.

After all that, she walked up to Su Yu, and in front of everyone, put her arms around his.

“Weren’t you promoting outside of the city? Why are you back?” Su Yu hadn’t seen Jian Tong in days; he thought she was still out promoting her new movie.

“Mhm, I came back early. I wanted to do charity with you,” Jian Tong replied coyishly, putting her head on Su Yu’s shoulder.

Su Yu smiled awkwardly as he looked over at Huo Mian; he was hoping she would be unhappy, which would prove how important he was to her.

To his disappointment, however, Huo Mian and Qin Chu were chatting with an important client, not at all paying attention to what was happening to him.

Su Yu looked down at his wine glass, a bit down…

Seeing that the reporters were taking photos of them, Jian Tong quickly took things to the next level by gently pecking Su Yu on the cheek.

Annoyed, the latter pushed her away. “Jian Tong, don’t do that.”

“We may be acting, but we should at least make it seem real,” Jian Tong beamed.

After seeing what happened, Qin Ning felt bitter as she turned her head to slowly sip at her champagne, pretending that she hadn’t just seen Su Yu being kissed.

“Sis, Bimbo Jian is here to be annoying again,” Little Bean pouted.

“So, is she here to ask to be tortured?” Pudding said before putting down the juice in her hand. She then grabbed Little Bean’s hand and the two of them ran up to Su Yu.

“Handsome Su, I’m so tired and my legs hurt, pick me up…” Little Bean began acting cute.

“Sure.” Su Yu lovingly picked Little Bean up.

“Handsome Su, me too…” Pudding said, out of his expectations.

Su Yu bent down and picked Pudding up with his other hand… successfully pushing Jian Tong off to the side.

“Auntie Jian, the other day on a forum, I saw someone post that while you were promoting your new movie, you went out to eat with that male lead after midnight? Is it true?” Little Bean asked in front of all the reporters.

“He was a member of the cast, the other crew members were there as well.” Jian Tong had experienced what the twins were capable of with their mouths, so she immediately explained.

“Oh really? What about reading scripts in the middle of the night? Were the crew members there as well? At 3 AM in the morning?” Pudding then asked.

“That didn’t happen, it was intentional defamation.”

A few days ago, a video of two people inside a hotel room in the middle of the night leaked, but the images were blurry so people weren’t 100% that it was Jian Tong.

Moreover, she never responded to the video, so rumors quickly went away.

After Pudding brought this up, the reporters all pointed their cameras at Jian Tong, hoping to obtain valuable news for tomorrow’s headlines.

“Yeah, I heard fans say that the woman in the video wasn’t you…” Pudding said calmly.

“Of course it wasn’t me, someone defamed me on purpose,” Jian Tong immediately denied.

“But after a closer look at the video, I saw that the woman has a rose-shaped tattoo, the same as the one on your hand. I really thought it was you… how coincidental, haha.” Pudding said profoundly.

Suddenly, the reporters all pointed their cameras at Jian Tong’s right hand and began snatching photos.

Jian Tong immediately lost her cool, while Su Yu glanced helplessly at the twins, knowing that Jian Tong was about to suffer a cruel ‘death’…

“Auntie Jian, Handsome Su treats you so well, why would you do this to him? Why were you reading scripts with a male celebrity in the middle of the night?” Little Bean went on to add insult to injury.



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