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( Leave it to the Heavens to Punish that Bitch (4)

“Uncle Tang, don’t you think your question is a little too straightforward?” Little Bean glared at Tang Chuan with disdain.

“Haven’t you heard of the old Chinese saying? ‘A ragged fringe is the floating heart, left and right we trail it. That mild-mannered good girl, awake, asleep, I search for her’. Your auntie and I are both unmarried, why can’t I ask a question like that?” Tang Chuan began playing word games with the twins.

“But my auntie will never fall for a stud horse…” Little Bean refuted.

Upon hearing this, Tang Chuan’s body froze briefly. “My little princess, please stop defaming me… I like hitting on women, but they’re all for show. I didn’t sleep with that many, alright? You guys are ruining my reputation.”

He felt like crying…

“I’m not lying… My auntie’s never been in a relationship, so you guys won’t be good for each other. You’ll scare her…” Little Bean explained.

“She’s never been in a relationship? That’s so pure of her! I love it…” Tang Chuan laughed in happiness, but Little Bean immediately burst his bubble. “That’s why I think she’d make a better couple with Handsome Su…”

“Stop right there and let me explain. I’m not trying to smear his good name, but your precious Handsome Su dated a lot of women back in the day as well… It’s not like he’s a virgin… Why is he good enough for your auntie, but I’m not? I’m a good choice, if not better.” Tang Chuan threw his head off to the side proudly.

Pudding glanced at him before responding. “But we like Handsome Su. We don’t like you.”

“Damn girl, you’re so straightforward…” Tang Chuan felt his glass heart shatter into a million pieces.

“So, Uncle Tang, stop wasting time on us. We’re never going to help you,” Little Bean added.

“Come on, Su Yu will never fall for your auntie. The more you try to set them up, the more your auntie will get inflicted,” Tang Chuan decided to switch tactics.

“What are you talking about? You’re just scared to lose, right?” Little Bean refuted.

“No, I’m saying that as long as someone’s still living inside Handsome Su’s heart, he will never develop feelings for another woman.”

“Don’t tell me Handsome Su’s still not over Mommy yet…” Little Bean said, on the verge of a breakdown.

“I’m not going to comment anymore, think about it. Either way, don’t push your auntie into a ditch, alright?”

After a failed attempt to persuade the twins, Tang Chuan left with his head down.

Little Bean anxiously looked at her sister. “Sis, do you think what Uncle Tang said is true? Is Handsome Su still not over Mommy?”

“I don’t know, Handsome Su’s probably the only one who does. But… if it were true, it’s not a good thing because Mommy and Daddy will never break up. They only want each other, so if Handsome Su’s not over Mommy, he’ll always be the cannon fodder,” Pudding analyzed, feeling heartbroken for Su Yu.

“What should we do then? Are we supposed to stand by the side and watch as Handsome Su lives the rest of his life alone? Or even worse, watch him date that bimbo, Jian Tong?” Little Bean asked unwillingly.

“That’s out of our control… let’s watch how things unfold and do what we can to help.” After Pudding said that, she took a sip of juice, ending their conversation.

Towards the end of the evening, Jian Tong suddenly appeared in an eyeball-catching ball gown. She was surrounded by reporters outside almost immediately.

“Miss Jian, why are you only arriving now? Why didn’t you come with President Su? Rumor has it that you’ve broken up, is it true?”

“Miss Jian, haven’t you already met his parents? Rumor has it that the Su Family refuses to acknowledge you, is it true?”

The reporters always asked the sharpest questions… leaving Jian Tong feeling as awkward as ever.



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