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(Someone I Cannot Forget (6)

Huo Mian: “Honestly, there’s nothing to analyze here. I can’t explain what someone else is feeling. I am sure of one thing, though… Shen Mingxi definitely cares a lot about Huo Yanyan. Back when she was staying at the hospital, he always visited her with flowers and fruits.”

Jiang Xiaowei: “There has to be something going on there… That Shen kid, back when he visited Wei Ying, he always brought nothing to our old home. If he’s bringing flowers and fruits… it means that he cares!”

Zhu Lingling: “Fine, I don’t understand the world of you rich people. On the one hand, he has a beautiful wife who’s born to a noble family, worth billions and on the other, a broke, divorced girl with huge baggage. What interesting taste Mr.Shen has! Anyways, forget about them, want to come out for dinner tonight? I’m craving roasted pig feet.”

Jiang Xiaowei: “Heck yes! I want some too!”

Huo Mian: “I have a seminar in the afternoon. I’ll come to find you gals if it ends early.”

Zhu Lingling: “Ooo, Doctor Huo’s no longer the same person. So busy now.”

Jiang Xiaowei: “She’s the Deputy Director now! Please watch your words, Ms. Zhu Lingling.”

Huo Mian: “You girls want to die? You dare to make fun of me? Maybe I’ll just bring my twins over to bully your sons, haha.”

Zhu Lingling: “Noooo! Please don’t! You should see Gao Boyuan every time Little Bean and Pudding are done with him. It’s the look of utter despair, I tell you.”

Jiang Xiaowei: “So… could we please cancel their arranged marriages? We object!”

Zhu Lingling: “Yes! I agree with both hands in the air! We object!”

Huo Mian: “Sorry! No returns or exchanges. Hahahaha!”

Being friends for so many years, the conversation between the three flowed naturally even if it wasn’t face-to-face.

Huo Mian felt much better after talking to her two best friends.

She went to eat lunch in the cafeteria with Chen Jie and in the afternoon, she turned her focus towards preparing for the seminar.

– Imperial Star Headquarters –

“President Su… something happened at a filming location,” An hurried in.

“What happened?” Su Yu looked up immediately.

“An accident occurred at the site for the historical drama ‘The Traveller’. The lead actress Ms. Nie Lingxuan fell from the wire and is in a coma. She’s been sent to the First Hospital for emergency care…”

“How could that be? How could the wire suddenly break?” Su Yu stood up, his brows furrowed.

“We’re not sure yet. It’s still being investigated. However, this is the final scene. If we cannot finish the shoot, we can’t wrap up on time and the broadcast will get pushed back. There will be a great delay. Not only will we lose a lot of money, we won’t be able to report to the broadcasting bureau. We are in dire need of a body double.”

“Isn’t finding a body double easy? Go find one.” Su Yu was now worried as well.

“It’s easy to find a body double but Miss Nie has a lot of face shots in this scene. An ordinary body double’s not enough… So, I’m thinking we should find her younger sister to finish the scenes.”

“Her sister? She has a younger sister? Then find a way to contact her… Money won’t be an issue.”

“I’ve contacted her but she rejected my offer. She doesn’t like to show her face.”

“If she rejected the offer, why are you telling me? Look for another way!” Su Yu was definitely frustrated now.

“But, the problem is… Miss Nie’s younger sister is a good friend of Huo Mian’s. So, I was thinking, President Su, could you please ask Huo Mian to help out?”

“Mian’s friend? Who? I should know her too then.” Su Yu was sure he knew all of Huo Mian’s friends.



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