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(Someone I Cannot Forget (5)

“Fine, Huo Mian, you’d rather protect a stupid bitch than help me. It really shows what kind of person you are. You’ll regret this.”

Wei Ying was certain that Huo Mian was protecting Huo Yanyan but in reality, Huo Mian really didn’t know of her whereabouts.

After Wei Ying left, raging, Huo Mian couldn’t keep calm anymore as well.

What the hell was happening today? She only had three patients in total and two of them were here to give her a hard time?

Huo Mian took a sip of the coffee Chen Jie made her, then took out her cell phone and dialed Huo Yanyan’s number.

“Sorry, the number you have dialed is not available at the moment. Please try again later.”

“Her phone’s off?” Huo Mian murmured to herself.

Huo Yanyan had left the hospital for a good couple of days now but hadn’t contacted Huo Mian. Huo Mian had thought that it was due to the trauma left behind by Huo Siyi’s death but now, seeing that she didn’t go to the residence Huo Mian had provided her, it looked as though she had her own plans.

She was most likely with Shen Mingxi while Wei Ying wanted nothing more than to seek revenge.

What a scary situation…

As for Shen Mingxi, Huo Mian wasn’t familiar with the man. They had never really spoken to each other before…

This was truly a drama-filled love triangle.

If and when the news of Wei Ying’s divorce reaches the public, both the Shen and Wei stocks would likely take a hit.

There was still one patient left. After Huo Mian gave a diagnosis and provided the patient with the proper medicine, Huo Mian was finally able to catch a break.

Coincidentally, Zhu Lingling had just begun her gossip party.

Zhu Lingling: “Anyone there? I want to chat!”

Huo Mian: “Isn’t it busy in your store today?”

Zhu Lingling: “Not at all! It’s been so cold this past couple of days. No one’s willing to come out to shop or eat… unless it’s with their best friends. I’m going broke over here! Please, rich ladies, take care of me!”

Jiang Xiaowei: “Hello? 911? The wife of Chief Gao is shameless. Haha. As a high member of the government, she’s asking for help from ordinary citizens to be her sugar mommy!”

Huo Mian: “Agreed! Mrs. Chief, please have some dignity.”

Zhu Lingling: “You can’t eat dignity right? What’s the point of having dignity?”

Huo Mian: “Where’s Bo Yuan? Bring him to me?”

Zhu Lingling: “He’s at his morning tutor. My mother-in-law and the nanny brought him over. I just finished checking the books.”

Huo Mian: “Weiwei, what are you up to?”

Jiang Xiaowei: “I’m in my old house. The kid’s grandparents missed him so I brought him back for lunch.”

Huo Mian: “Where’s Wei Liao?”

Jiang Xiaowei: “He’s still at the company. A lot has happened recently. Many businesses affiliated with the Shen Family are starting over.”

Huo Mian: “You’ve just reminded me, your sister-in-law was just here a moment ago giving me a hard time.”

Jiang Xiaowei: “What? How did she give you a hard time?”

Zhu Lingling: “Her sister-in-law? Wei Ying?”

Huo Mian then proceeded to tell her two friends the entire encounter through voice chat, giving them every little detail.

Jiang Xiaowei: “My sister-in-law is completely head over heels in love with the son of the Shen Family. Now that he’s divorcing her, she’s going nuts. It’s good that she wasn’t home today. Otherwise, I would never hear the end of it.”

Huo Mian: “It’s my fault, Weiwei… T_T, hugs.”

Jiang Xiaowei: “It’s not your fault! She’s just a princess. My in-laws spoil her to no ends and she’s always gotten everything she’s wanted. She’s never been told the word ‘no’, so she can’t handle any small rejection now. She probably thinks that the whole world’s against her. It’s good that this actually happened, it’s a good lesson to learn so she doesn’t always act like the planet revolves around her…”

Jiang Xiaowei never liked Wei Ying. She had always made sure to keep her distance from the girl.

Zhu Lingling: “Wei Liao’s definitely worried about his sister!”

Jiang Xiaowei: “If he’s worried, he’ll help out his sister. Plus, it’s not up to us whether or not they divorce. It’s between them. If Shen Mingxi doesn’t want to be with Wei Ying anymore, who’s going to stop it?”

Zhu Lingling: “Mian, what do you think? Do you really think Shen Mingxi and Wei Ying’s divorce has something to do with Huo Yanyan? Is she really that attractive? I don’t really believe it to be honest… I know how Huo Yanyan has been doing in recent years. If he’s really interested in her, why did he marry Wei Ying back then? It doesn’t make sense! What do you think? I really want to know.”



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