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( Defeating You, Fair and Square (6)

“You have a point… but Wei Ying and Shen Mingxi are definitely getting divorced. The Wei Family is in a mess right now… Both families will suffer business losses if they get divorced…”

“That’s true, it will really be a disaster… do you know who brought up divorce in the first place?” Huo Mian was curious; although she only met Shen Mingxi a handful of times, she often heard news about him. He was friends with Su Yu and the guys and once helped GK.

Huo Mian wondered what was going on in that quiet man’s mind. If they really got divorced, the Wei Family will suffer financial losses… Jiang Xiaowei was their in-law, so it was normal for her to worry.

“Shen Mingxi’s the one that brought it up, of course. Wei Ying’s been in love with him for years, so she would never ask him for a divorce.”

“Um… okay, that’s a real tragedy….”

“Mhm, Shen Mingxi’s made up his mind, and he offered Wei Ying quite a lot of alimony… He’s also giving the Wei Family compensation. The Shen Family doesn’t want them to divorce either, but everyone in the family answers to Shen Mingxi, meaning that his parents can’t do anything about it. Wei Ying, on the other hand, is nuts. She’s been causing chaos at home for days… I think she might hunt down Huo Yanyan actually. If you get to see her, tell her to be careful. After all, she’s an easy target right now. I know Huo Yanyan helped you, so this is your chance to help her.”

Jiang Xiaowei knew Wei Ying, so she knew the latter wouldn’t be letting Huo Yanyan off the hook easily.

“Mhm, I’ll tell Huo Yanyan to be careful. Thanks, Xiaowei.”

“Don’t thank me, we’re closer than that… When do you have work off? Let’s call Lingling and meet up. We should go to the hot springs with our kids and hang out there. Yunchu says he misses the twins, it’s been a while since he last saw them.”

“Haha, isn’t he scared of my two little devils?” Huo Mian laughed.

“It’s a love-and-hate relationship…” Jiang Xiaowei joked, sending Huo Mian into laughter.

After their brief phone call, Huo Mian went back to their bedroom, where Qin Chu was waiting for her. The couple began chatting, and she told him about her conversation with Jiang Xiaowei.

In the other room, Qin Ning wasn’t in a bright mood, and she was getting ready for bed. Pudding took this opportunity to sneak into her room. “Auntie, are you going to bed?”

“Not yet,” Qin Ning said, her spirits low.

“Is there something on your mind?”


“You’re lying… It’s obviously because of Handsome Su, right?” Pudding immediately guessed what Qin Ning was thinking about.

“Pudding come on, stop mentioning his name to me. It’s annoying.” Qin Ning had never been in a relationship, so she didn’t know what it felt like to be in love with someone. The subtle change between her and Su Yu in the past few days confused her.

“Auntie, tell me, are you at all interested in Handsome Su?” Pudding gossiped.

“So what if I was? Su Yu only has his eyes on Sis-in-Law.” Qin Ning felt worse; she wasn’t confident that she would be able to make Su Yu fall for her, especially since he had been in love with Huo Mian for years.

“Correction. Handsome Su liked my mommy, it’s past tense. Ever since my daddy came back, he’s been pushed back to the sidelines… and he doesn’t fantasize about having Mommy anymore. Handsome Su’s just as good as Daddy, and I don’t want him to be single forever. Jian Tong’s too manipulative and calculating to be with Handsome Su, I really want him to date the best girl there ever was, and you’re that girl! You guys will be super cute together!” Pudding said with excitement, but Qin Ning wasn’t in the mood at all.



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