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( Do you Believe in Love at First Sight? (17)

“Psh… So you think of your little brother like that, huh? I’m a loving man that loves my big sis,” Zhixin claimed.

“Fine. I’ll go to bed if you don’t have a favor to ask…” Huo Mian pretended to get up and head upstairs.

“Wait, wait… Sis, there is something.” Huo Mian was just trying to test Zhixin and it immediately worked.

“Ha! I knew you wanted something. What is it?” Huo Mian put a piece of mandarin in her mouth.

Then, she crossed her legs and looked at Zhixin. She already knew what he was going to say. After all, Huo Mian knew her little brother very well.

“Sis, there’s something I want to tell you, but you can’t laugh, promise me that first,” Zhixin said with a bit of hesitance.

“Hurry up and spit it out. I hate fussy people…” Huo Mian was impatient.

She wanted Zhixin to be like Qin Chu, sure of what he was doing and not like a woman who couldn’t make up her mind.

Even if he couldn’t be just like Qin Chu, she hoped that he could be as smart and decisive as Su Yu and Wei Liao.

“Sis, you know I like Bella, right?”

“Yeah, so?” Huo Mian asked.

“I’ve been rather troubled recently. I’ve been meaning to confess my feelings to her. I want her to be my girlfriend…”

“Wow… you still haven’t figured it out? How long has it been? Zhixin, can you do it or not?”

“I want to take it slow. I don’t want to scare her away…” Zhixin said, and it sounded as if he was wronged.

“When you are outside, don’t tell people that you’re my brother… How can you be this timid and dawdle this much when trying to court a girl?” Huo Mian was speechless of how her brother was behaving.

“Sis, can you not be so mean and make it sound so easy? You know much better than me how Bella is. She’s a strong and independent woman, just like you. Do you think she’s like an ordinary girl? Also, can you imagine the embarrassment I’d have to face when she rejects me?”

“It’s not how you think though. I know Bella well and I know she prefers relatively more dominant men that takes initiatives, not indecisive men like you man. Zhixin, if you want Bella to be your girlfriend, you really gotta man up!”

“How?” Zhixin popped a piece of mandarin in his mouth and looked blankly at his sister.

“Just do it!” Huo Mian said decisively.


Zhixin patiently waited for Huo Mian to continue…

“And if it doesn’t work then just drug her…”

Huo Mian’s words almost made Zhixin choke to death on the piece of mandarin…

He coughed very hard.

“Are you okay? You’re overexaggerating things, don’t you think?” Huo Mian said calmly.

“Just do it. If you can’t, then drug her… Are you really my biological sister?” Zhixin said helplessly.

“Fine. No more joking around. There is something I wanted to tell you.”

“Tell me what? What drug to use?” Zhixin asked.

“Of course not. Are you stupid? I meant to say that if you want Bella, you have to be stronger and more proactive. Girls like guys who are proactive… Both of you are adults so no one at the office would really mind about what goes on between you two.”

“Okay, fine… I’ll just pick a good date spot with good feng shui, and then I will confess to her…” Zhixin finally made up his mind.

“Sis, you and Brother-in-Law have to support me. I’m your only brother!”



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