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(A Difficult Decision (15)

Qin Chu nodded and he turned and quickly left.

Now that he knew the location, he was going to save them himself. What police? What army? He didn’t have faith in them.

He needed to rescue his wife and his other daughter as soon as possible, and one person moves faster than a group.

After Qin Chu left, Su Yu sat by the bedside and watched Pudding. He heartachingly placed his hand on her forehead.

“Were you scared?” Su Yu’s voice was very soft.

“It was alright…”

“Hum? You still trying to play it cool, huh?” Su Yu deliberately joked with her.

“Handsome Su… about this… Do Grandpa and Grandma Su know?”

“No, I didn’t let them know but your Great Grandpa Su knows… Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to mobilize the army to find you guys.”

“Then Great Grandpa Su must be really nervous, right?”

“Yeah, that old man was frightened, and his hands were even shaking… He was absolutely furious, and he directly swore to bring those bad guys that kidnapped you to justice… Pudding, don’t worry anymore, just rest well and we will wait for their return.”

“Handsome Su, some of those people are actual outlaws that had done these kinds of things before… Tell me, will my mommy and sister be in danger?”

She remembered what Dahai told her before about how some of those guys had done a lot of bad things before and used very cruel means.

At the thought of that, Pudding became more and more restless.

“Don’t worry, believe in your daddy, he’s very powerful. He will safely bring back your mommy and sister for sure.”

“I hope so… Handsome Su, I’m a bit dizzy.” Pudding wasn’t looking too well.

“Then take a nap first and rest, you are just too tired.”

“Then can you not leave my side? I’m very scared…”

Although the little girl had a cold personality, ever since she was kidnapped, she hadn’t had a good sleep at the warehouse.

She was really afraid that someone would do harm to them while they were asleep, so she had been highly vigilant.

Now that she was back and she had Su Yu accompanying her, she finally couldn’t keep up anymore.

Her eyelids slowly closed, and she fell deep asleep.

“I won’t leave, just sleep peacefully.”

Su Yu held tightly onto Pudding’s hand and carefully watched after her at the hospital.

In fact, he was also feeling very restless at heart. All he hoped was that Qin Chu could safely rescue the mother and daughter… Both of them must be fine!

– At the abandoned factory –

“Big Brother Yi, I’ve captured those people.”

The ape-looking guy and the other subordinates brought in Dahai, Huo Yanyan and her daughter, and Pudding.

“Got them all?” Huo Siyi’s face looked very ugly.

“A little one got away…” That man lowered his head, feeling a bit guilty.

“You bunch of garbage! So many people yet you still couldn’t keep two little kids under your watch. Why are you guys still alive? You might as well go and kill yourselves!” Huo Siyi furiously shouted.

“Big Brother Yi, you can’t blame us too… If it wasn’t for your big sister… and that traitor Dahai that worked together and deceived us, we almost fell for it completely. Thank god I called you afterward to confirm, or they would’ve really all escaped.”

Then, that ape-looking dude delivered a hard punch to Dahai’s stomach.

At this moment, Dahai’s face was already beaten beyond recognition.

As for Huo Yanyan and the kid, they didn’t dare to touch them since they were, after all, Huo Siyi’s sister and niece.

“Haha, I really didn’t expect this. I didn’t think we would have a traitor on our own team,” Ruan Qingqing ridiculed.

Huo Siyi also felt really embarrassed and he directly walked over and angrily shouted at Huo Yanyan, “What do you think you were doing?!”

“Huo Siyi… even if you hate Huo Mian, the kids are innocent. You shouldn’t do this to the kids…” Huo Yanyan tried to convince him.

“Shut up! If they are innocent, then what about us? I wasn’t innocent? You weren’t innocent? Or is our mom not innocent? You always pity others, but who pitied us when we were in trouble?” Huo Siyi was furious.




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