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( Defeating You, Fair and Square (3)

“Go home, I’m going to puke… I’m exhausted, goodnight.” Su Yu leaned back on his couch and began watching TV.

After Tang Chuan left Su Yu’s mansion, he drove straight home and immediately checked his WeChat. As expected, Qin Ning accepted his friend request.

She was confused; Little Bean said Su Yu wanted to add her, but she got two requests. Both Su Yu and Tang Chuan’s profile pictures weren’t photos of themselves, so she didn’t know who was who.

Therefore, after adding both WeChat IDs and scrolling through their friend circles, she realized that one of them was Su Yu, and the other one was… the man she met today at the bowling alley.

“Hey, Qin Ning, my name is Tang Chuan,” Tang Chuan immediately sent her a WeChat message in an attempt to get to know her.

Qin Ning: “Um, hi.”

Tang Chuan: “What are you doing? Have you eaten yet?”

Qin Ning: “I have.”

Tang Chuan: “Alright then, I was going to treat you to dinner. It’s not your first time in C City, is it?”

Qin Ning: “It’s not.”

Tang Chuan: “You’ve been living in the States this entire time?”

Qin Ning: “Yeah.”

No matter what Tang Chuan asked, Qin Ning’s answer was always polite and short. It seemed like she didn’t have much interest in talking to him.

Tang Chuan immediately noticed her disinterest and switched tactics. “Ever since Huo Mian gave birth to the twins, Su Yu and I have been really close to them. I really like them, they’re so cute.”

“Really? I only hear them talking about Su Yu though,” Qin Ning replied.

“Perhaps it’s because I’m more handsome than Su Yu, so they would always become shy when talking about me,” Tang Chuan replied like the narcissist he was.

Qin Ning felt speechless. “Uh… how did you get my WeChat ID?”

“Oh, Yu gave it to me,” Tang Chuan lied without flinching.

“Su Yu gave it to you?” Qin Ning was a little disappointed; she originally thought Su Yu wanted to add her because he was interested. But now it seemed like he had asked for her WeChat just so he could give it to Tang Chuan.

Qin Ning clicked on Su Yu’s WeChat and sent him a message, “You asked Little Bean for my WeChat ID so you could give it to that person?”

Su Yu was watching TV when he received the message. He picked his phone up in surprise. “Um, he kept bothering me for your WeChat ID.”

“Oh.” Seeing Su Yu admit it, Qin Ning suddenly had no idea what to say.

“Are you busy?” She sent him another message after a while.

“I’m watching TV,” Su Yu replied.

“Oh, I’ll let you get back to it then.” Qin Ning knew that looking for things to talk about would just make the situation even more awkward. Therefore, she stopped chatting with Su Yu and lost all interest in Tang Chuan’s endless stream of questions.

“I’m a little tired, I’m going to bed now.” Qin Ning’s polite refusal stopped Tang Chuan from sending her any more messages.

After blow-drying her hair in the bathroom, Qin Ning walked downstairs in a bathrobe to see the entire family sitting around the couch, some watching TV while some on their phone.

“Auntie, are you in a bad mood?” Pudding glanced at Qin Ning, who immediately shook her head. “No, I’m great!”

“You seem to have something on your mind.” Pudding immediately noticed the difference in her auntie’s emotions.

“You’re too sensitive, nothing’s wrong.” Qin Ning walked downstairs and gently pinched Pudding on the face.

Little Bean suddenly leaned in mysteriously. “Auntie, did you and Handsome Su talk on WeChat?”

“Oh, yeah, a little,” Qin Ning told the truth.

“How was it, were sparks flying all over the place?” Little Bean gossiped.

“Sparks? Not really. Fury? A little…” Qin Ning smiled.

“Fury? Did you and Handsome Su get into a fight?” Little Bean asked in surprise.




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