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( A Difficult Decision (16)

"Siyi, listen to me… Huo Mian has helped me a lot over the past few years. Every time I got bullied, she would help me… She even found a job for me and gave me money… She really helped me a lot. She's not as bad as you think."

"Come on, Sis, you need to wake up! If she was nice to you, then you wouldn't be in this situation in the first place! She's rich and lives at South Hill Manor. What about you? You and your daughter live in a rental apartment less than 50 square meters in size… She eats expensive food while you eat cheap bento boxes every day… She enjoys life while you suffer… Think carefully who you should blame for this! If it wasn't for her and Huo Siqian teaming up against us back then, would we be like this today? We should be living fancy lives like a prince and princess… Can you wake up?"

Huo Siyi thought that Huo Yanyan was brainwashed by Huo Mian and that was why she was helping her.

"Siyi, I'm awake. You're the one who's sleeping… Your eyes have been blinded by hatred… Think carefully… You're not even dad's real son. Dad locked you and Mom up because he was disappointed in you guys. Then, he ignored me… None of this had to do with Huo Mian… Huo Siqian is the one to blame for us losing all our money… Don't hurt the innocent, Siyi…"

"Even you think so lowly of me? You also think I'm a bastard son!" Huo Siyi stared red-eyed at Huo Yanyan.

"I don't mean that. It's just…"

"Just shut up. You, come and take her and her child to the car. I have to deal with the things here now."

"Yes, Big Brother Yi." Huo Siyi's subordinate nodded and took Huo Yanyan and her daughter away.

"Siyi, we have to hurry. One of the brats ran away so the police are going to catch up to us very soon. We're running out of time!"

Ruan Qingqing looked at her watch and reminded Huo Siyi, who picked up his phone and called Qin Chu.

Since their plan was exposed, Huo Siyi was no longer scared that the police would track his location through his phone records.

At that very moment, Qin Chu was racing his sports car towards Huo Siyi's hide-out.

"Hello?" Qin Chu put his earphones on.

"Qin Chu, your daughter and wife are still in my hands."

"What do you want?"

"I don't care how you do it but I want one billion yuan in traveler's cheques, now."

"No problem as long as you promise that my wife and daughter will stay safe."

"They're in my hands. You're in no place to negotiate with me!" Huo Siyi spat ruthlessly.

"If you don't ensure their safety, you won't even get a cent!"

Qin Chu wouldn't give in to Huo Siyi but he was actually very anxious. He continued to drive towards the hide-out.

- Inside a police car -

"Director Gao, Mr. Qin is missing…"

"What do you mean by missing?"

"He probably didn't follow your plan and is trying to save the hostages another way…"

"Arg… That guy is too reckless! Huo Siyi came prepared and if he goes alone, he will be in danger… Go block the road and stop him!" Gao Ran was uneasy.

"We can't make it. He's probably almost there."

Gao Ran: "…"

"Siyi, we have to leave now or we won't be able to make it out…" Ruan Qingqing kept rushing Huo Siyi.

Huo Siqian's cash and cheques were now in their hands.

And now, Huo Siqian was beaten half to death…

The wound on his leg was still bleeding…

However, Huo Siqian's eyes were still focused on Huo Mian because he was afraid that Huo Siyi would hurt her.

Huo Mian couldn't watch Huo Siqian like that.

She hugged Little Bean and tried to calm her down, "Don't worry. Daddy is on his way to save us."



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