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(Leave it to the Heavens to Punish that Bitch (2)

“Oh… how did you know, Ning?” Huo Mian asked, a bit confused.

“Um, Su Yu gave me a band-aid, and he asked me to place it on for you…” Qin Ning said awkwardly.

“Oh, just give it to me, I can do it myself.” Huo Mian smiled.

“No, let me help you, you’re wearing a gown…” Qin Ning said, bending down to carefully place the band-aid on Huo Mian’s ankle.

“Thank you, Ning.” Huo Mian looked at her gratefully.

“Don’t thank me, we’re family… but Su Yu’s really great to you, Mian.”

Qin Ning wasn’t implying anything when she said this; she simply admired the way Su Yu treated Huo Mian. It was so heart-warming for a man with such status like Su Yu to notice Huo Mian’s injury at an event with so many people present.

Upon hearing Qin Ning’s remark, Huo Mian explained with an awkward laugh, “Su Yu’s a great friend.”

Then, they went back to busy about; Qin Ning was an executive at the GK Headquarters in the United States, so she had a way with clients. That evening, she signed with three clients – one from Taiwan, and two from Europe.

After all that hard work, Qin Ning finally let out a sigh of relief and was planning to turn around and look for Qin Chu when suddenly, someone bumped into her, causing her to spill champagne all over her black suit…

“What in the world…” Qin Ning was about to blow up when she saw who bumped into her, angering her even more.

It was no one else but Tang Chuan.

“Oh… I’m so sorry, it’s my fault. I got your suit dirty, didn’t I?” Tang Chuan said, reaching out with a napkin to wipe the champagne off Qin Ning’s suit.

She immediately retreated. “It’s okay, I’m fine. I can do it myself.”

“My date has an extra gown, why don’t you change into that first? Or else it might ruin your perfection,” Tang Chuan said as he handed a paper bag to Qin Ning.

He was good at picking up girls, so he obviously came prepared.

Normally, women always ate his tricks right up. They would change into the expensive gown and show off their sexy figures… Then, not only would Tang Chuan get to enjoy the show, the women would fall for his attentiveness.

He was really hoping for sparks to fly and for romance to bloom – after all, it had worked every time.

Not this time, though.

Qin Ning shook her head at the gown. “I don’t need it.”

“But your suit is dirty, and the party’s not over yet. I’m really sorry about all this, don’t be shy with me. Take the gown and put it on,” Tang Chuan insisted, shoving the paper bag at Qin Ning.

However, she still refused to take it; instead, she straightened herself up and took off blazer entirely, showing off a plain-as-day short-sleeved white shirt that somehow looked stunning on her.

“I’ll just go without the blazer… it’s fine, not a big deal. You don’t have to feel bad,” Qin Ning said, throwing her blazer onto the chair beside her. Then, she walked away in her white shirt.

Tang Chuan watched her leave, lingering at her figure like a cat at a tuna can. “Damn, she’s so cool… I’m so in love with her… I have to have her, it’s killing me!”

Qin Ning’s repeated rejection lit up Tang Chuan’s desire to dominate. After multiple failed attempts, he decided to try something new.

Therefore, he ran over to the twins, who were slurping ice-cream cones not far away from him.

Starting off with a compliment, he said, “Pudding, Little Bean, you guys are so pretty tonight! I give your outfits an A++.”



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