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(Defeating You, Fair and Square (8)

“Yanyan, I’m not lying to you, it’s the truth… no one would lie about something like this,” Huo Mian said, putting a hand on Huo Yanyan’s shoulder in an attempt to console her.

“But how did he die? Wasn’t he arrested by the police?”

“He committed suicide in prison… he punctured his own throat using chopsticks. He must’ve felt hopeless and didn’t want to spend the rest of his life in a cold cell… What Huo Siyi did this time was incredibly malicious, if sentenced he would have to spend at least two decades in prison. He’s almost thirty, so he would be 50 by the time he was released. If that was the case, he wouldn’t have much to live for…”

“But his death is still too sudden!” Huo Yanyan fell to the ground weeping.

“Also, I think Ruan Qingqing’s death pushed him over the cliff, making him feel even more hopeless. I think Huo Siyi really loved that woman,” Huo Mian analyzed.

“That woman’s no good for him, she egged Siyi on to do all those bad things, or else he wouldn’t have gone this far. He’s always had a bad temper, but his heart wasn’t rotten yet… I hate that woman and I’m glad she’s dead, but why is Siyi such an idiot! He’s so young and still unmarried… He doesn’t have children yet! The news will kill my mom if she finds out…” Huo Yanyan cried in despair.

Suddenly, Huo Mian heard footsteps outside and looked up to see Shen Mingxi standing by the door with a takeout bag in his hand. It seemed like he was here to bring Huo Yanyan food.

His male assistant stood not far behind him…

“What’s wrong? What happened?” Shen Mingxi walked in to see Huo Yanyan on the ground, crying. He immediately lost his cool and placed the takeout bag on the coffee table, rushing over to help her up.

When his hand touched Huo Yanyan, she suddenly threw herself into Shen Mingxi’s embrace, sobbing uncontrollably. “Siyi’s dead… I don’t have a brother anymore…”

Shen Mingxi, someone who rarely consoled anyone, gently patted her head. “Don’t be sad, maybe dying is a good thing for him. He would rather die than live out his life in prison… you need to stay strong, you’re still recovering.”

Shen Mingxi hugged Huo Yanyan for a while before a nurse came in to sedate her, and soon, Huo Yanyan had fallen into a deep sleep.

Shen Mingxi glanced at Huo Mian. “Can we talk outside?”

“Mhm.” Huo Mian nodded, following him into the corridor.

“When can she be discharged?”

“I asked her doctor, he said she has to stay at least three more days.”

“Her daughter’s staying with you?” he asked.


“Once she’s discharged, I will send someone over to pick her up. I will take care of them, so in the future, you don’t have to worry about her anymore.”

“Young Master Shen, if I may ask, what is your relationship with Yanyan?” If Jiang Xiaowei didn’t tell her what happened yesterday, Huo Mian wouldn’t have asked such a direct question. However, Shen Mingxi was basically claiming Huo Yanyan; if that were so, wasn’t it somewhat inappropriate?

“We’re friends.”

“But Young Master Shen, you have a family, and your actions might confuse Yanyan… Your wife, Wei Ying, already caused her trouble in the past. It’s hard enough for her to have to be a single mother, I don’t want her to be misunderstood because of you and get called a mistress… If you really care about her, you should think in her shoes, don’t you think so?” Huo Mian demanded without hesitation.

“Wei Ying and I are getting a divorce… I will cut off all ties with her soon,” Shen Mingxi replied icily.



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