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( Leave it to the Heavens to Punish that Bitch (9)

“I wouldn’t say that I ran into anything (TL note: a saying for getting rejected), since Su Yu and I never even talked about it… You know that your daughters have been trying to set us up, but I don’t think he’s interested. I know from how obsessed he’s been with Sis-in-Law all this time that I won’t be able to make him fall for me. So, I’ve decided to give up.”

“I told you before that you guys aren’t good for each other, not because he’s my rival and I didn’t want him anywhere near my cousin… The truth is, Su Yu can be extremely stubborn… his love for Mian… is not much less than mine… so I didn’t want you chasing after him. After all, you have zero experience when it comes to relationships, and I don’t want you getting hurt.”

“Mhm, you’re right. I’m going to listen to your advice. I’m going to spend one more week with my nieces and go back to the States… You’re not at HQ anymore, so my dad’s been super busy.”

“Mhm, sounds good.”

“Get some sleep, Big Brother, don’t make Mian worry.”

“I will.”

Qin Ning’s heart-to-heart with Qin Chu left her enlightened. After she realized how obsessed Su Yu was over Huo Mian, she decided to back off. Although she liked how loyal Su Yu was, his love will never be directed at her. Therefore, she sensibly decided to give up.

– That evening at the Huo Family Mansion –

Huo Siqian was in a good mood after he came back from the charity dinner and was in his study looking at Huo Mian’s calligraphy piece, which he had bought during the auction.

He took out a piece of paper and wrote the words, “Great Virtues and Growth”. He knew that although he wasn’t capable of being so noble, Mian could.

He looked at both pieces happily, and a rare smile formed on his face.

“Miss Yan…” Downstairs, Huo Siqian’s men immediately greeted Yan Ruoxi upon seeing her.

“Is Qianqian upstairs?”

“He is.”

“What’s he doing?”

“Um, practicing calligraphy.”

“Calligraphy? How artistic of him. I want to see him,” Yan Ruoxi said, running her way up to the second floor and barging into the study.

Huo Siqian looked up at her, and without much emotion, looked back down at his calligraphy.

“Qianqian, I didn’t know you knew calligraphy!” Yan Ruoxi walked up and intimately put her arm around Huo Siqian’s; however, he rudely knocked her arm away. “Why are you here?”

“Why can’t I be here? Do you not welcome me?” Yan Ruoxi pouted cutely.

“Ruoxi, I’ve made myself clear. Don’t waste your time on me.”

“I’m not listening to you… Oh, right, have you had dinner? I learned a dumpling recipe online, it’s really good. I can make some for you.”

“I’ve had dinner already,” Huo Siqian refused icily.

“Qianqian, Mo Xue’er won’t be able to stay put at the Xiang Family, I think she’s going to instigate that old man to hurt you, you need to be careful.”

“I’m going to leave it to the Heavens to punish that bitch. It’s okay, I know what Mo Xue’er’s capable of, and it’s not worth getting anxious for…” Huo Siqian didn’t really care what Mo Xue’er might be up to.

“But what if she teams up with another force? You’re still recovering from your injury, and your company’s stocks haven’t recovered yet, I don’t want you to be inflicted… What if you marry me? My dad’s the mayor, so if you marry me, other people will have to be more careful around you and stay away, what do you think?” Yan Ruoxi asked, looking up at Huo Siqian with anticipation.



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