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( Defeating You, Fair and Square (2)

Tang Chuan couldn’t help but lean in on their conversation when he heard Su Yu talking him up. As he listened, he smoothed out his hair in arrogance, but that superior feeling immediately disappeared when he heard Little Bean’s hilarious reply.

This is what she said. “Handsome Su, don’t try to talk Uncle Tang up. My sister and I have known him for a long time. To us, he’s no more than a good-looking, rich stud horse…”

“Stud horse? Gosh, Little Bean, you really shouldn’t be using these words, they are not appropriate for children your age. If your mom found out about this, she would go nuts,” Su Yu roared in laughter.

“Don’t change the subject by bringing my mommy into our conversation, we’re talking about Uncle Tang right now! Am I wrong? He’s so young, but he always looks so tired… I bet it’s because of all the girls he’s been hooking up with. How can someone as cute and innocent as my auntie end up with him! He’ll ruin her life…” Little Bean said, using examples to back herself up.

Su Yu fell back on his couch and laughed until he felt tears in the corner of his eyes.

“What are you laughing at, look at that little brat! She’s throwing my name in dirt and rubbing my face with it!” Tang Chuan felt helpless; this was his first time hearing the twins’ impression of him.

“Blame yourself for being such a playboy all the time…” Su Yu laughed and said.

“But you’ve known me for so long, you know what I do is mostly just for show… I really haven’t slept with that many girls… I’m not a real stud horse, I don’t have the energy for that. If I did sleep with all those women, I probably would’ve already died of Syphilis, okay?” Tang Chuan felt more wronged than ever; the twins’ bad impression of him was causing him to lose his chance with their auntie!

“Come on, Su Yu, get me Qin Ning’s WeChat!” Tang Chuan urged.

“Are you serious about her? If you just want to get into her pants, then you really shouldn’t… Qin Ning doesn’t seem like someone you should hit on… Besides, you are probably not in her league as well…” Su Yu didn’t want Tang Chuan to go after Qin Ning if the latter just wanted to fool around. Otherwise, Huo Mian would probably rip both of them into pieces…

“I’m serious, I’m not just fooling around… Okay?” Tang Chuan repeated.

In the end, Su Yu had no choice but to ask again, “Little Bean, can you give me your auntie’s WeChat?”

“Sure, one second,” Little Bean said as she took her phone into Qin Ning’s room and looked mysteriously at the latter, who had just come out of a hot shower.

“Auntie, Handsome Su wants your WeChat ID, can I give it to him?”

“Huh? Su Yu wants my WeChat?” Qin Ning asked, feeling embarrassed.

“Yup,” Little Bean laughed evilly.

“Um, sure, why not?” The twins have been talking Su Yu up for so long, affecting the way Qin Ning thought. When Qin Chu told her that they weren’t a good match yesterday, she became a little rebellious. All in all, she was kind of looking forward to something happening between her and Su Yu.

After Qin Ning nodded, Little Bean immediately sent her WeChat ID to Su Yu. The latter glanced at it, symbolically added her, and immediately sent her ID to Tang Chuan. “Here you go…”

“Haha, thanks, Young Master Su!” Tang Chuan said, immediately putting away his phone and putting on his jacket to leave.

“F*ck, you’re leaving right after you used me?” Su Yu swore as he watched Tang Chuan head towards his door.

The latter snickered. “What else am I supposed to do, Young Master Su? Spend the night with you?”



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