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(Leave it to the Heavens to Punish that Bitch (10)

"Marry you? Are you kidding me?" Huo Siqian put down the calligraphy brush in his hand. His previous good mood had completely evaporated.

"No, don't misunderstand me. What I mean is… I'm the mayor's daughter… If you marry me, you'll benefit…" Yan Ruoxi explained in a hurry.

"Do you really think I need to marry you to secure my own place in society? Are you overestimating your dad, or underestimating me?" Huo Siqian demanded impolitely.


"Stop talking, I don't want to discuss this anymore… Leave my house, I don't want to look at you."

After his accident this time, Huo Siqian wanted to cut ties off with Yan Ruoxi, now more than ever. This woman was unlike Song Yishi; back then he married her to avenge Mian, but Yan Ruoxi was innocent, and he also didn't need her father's help.

If so, why would he ever waste time on her?

"Qianqian… I don't want to leave you, I really like you…"

"You like me? Haha… do you even know me? Yan Ruoxi, I'm not a good man…" Huo Siqian viciously grabbed Yan Ruoxi's chin and warned her.

"I know, but I don't care. I like you nonetheless… I don't want to, but I can't control myself… Qianqian, I'm not like Mo Xue'er. I would never betray you or team up with other men against you. Trust me, okay?"

"Let me make something clear, these things need to be consensual on both sides. You can't be the only one interested… I don't like you, and I don't want to see you. Please stop chasing after me. I was only nice to you because of your dad, but he can't do anything about me anymore, so get the hell out of my face…"


"Leave!" Huo Siqian reached out to push Yan Ruoxi out of his study, and he slammed the door with a 'bang', leaving the latter on the verge of a breakdown. At that very moment, the only person she hated was Huo Mian.

She knew that the only person Huo Siqian cared about was Huo Mian. Why though? Why was she lucky enough to be loved by him?

In the end, Yan Ruoxi ran downstairs angrily, got into her sports car and drove into the night…

- The next morning -

Huo Mian was driving to work and about to merge onto the expressway when someone rear-ended her car… severely…

Huo Mian wondered who would rear-end her on purpose, since traffic wasn't even that bad. Moreover, she was driving an Audi R8; although it wasn't the most expensive of cars, it still cost more than a million yuan.

Normal people would know to stay away, no?

The impact left Huo Mian feeling a little dizzy; after a few seconds, she regained her posture and got out of her car to see a bright-red Range Rover behind her.

She walked up to the car and was just about to talk to the driver when she realized that it was Yan Ruoxi. Huo Mian didn't know this woman at all – all she knew was that this woman was the mayor's daughter and that she often hung out with Huo Siqian.

The other day at the hospital, she left a bad impression on Huo Mian, but the latter didn't really care.

"Miss Yan, did you rear-end me on purpose?" Huo Mian knocked on Yan Ruoxi's car window and asked, a little angrily.

Yan Ruoxi rolled down her car window and glanced icily at Huo Mian. "So what if I did? I can reimburse you… You're not the only rich person in the city."

Upon hearing this, Huo Mian got so mad that her expression darkened…



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