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(Defeating You, Fair and Square (10)

“Look over there, that’s Qin Ning! She’s really pretty, isn’t she?” Tang Chuan said to Wei Liao as he pointed at Qin Ning.

Wei Liao glanced at her, looking extremely calm. “She’s fine, I honestly think Xiaowei’s prettier than her.”

“To you, Xiaowei is the prettiest girl in the world, right?” Tang Chuan said, immediately walking towards Qin Ning and opening up with a compliment, “Hey, your outfit is really cool!”

“Thank you… I have some clients to see, excuse me…” Qin Ning smiled politely before heading towards a few clients from Europe. She then talked with them in perfect English. At that moment, she didn’t seem like a young girl in her twenties at all; rather, she was a female executive that emitted power and authority.

“Young Master Wei, isn’t Qin Ning amazing? Look at that, her English is perfect, and she can represent GK in front of important clients. She’s so elegant and charming…” In Tang Chuan’s eyes, Qin Ning had no flaws, and she looked beautiful from every angle.

Su Yu didn’t say anything and just quietly took a sip of his wine.

Wei Liao, however, couldn’t help but chuckle. “You’re so good at compliments, I bet you can turn a pig into a daisy.”

“I’m telling the truth! But seriously though, the Qin’s DNA is strong. I’m not going to bring up Qin Chu because I don’t want Yu to get all depressed, but take a look at the twins, imagine how pretty they’ll be when they grow up! I literally fell for Qin Ning when I first set eyes on her… I bet it’s how you felt when you first met Xiaowei… Forget it, you don’t get it.” Tang Chuan wasn’t usually interested in events like this, but when he heard that Qin Ning would be attending as well, he immediately expressed his interest in coming.

He even had plans to generously bid on an item during the auction, in hopes that his heroic actions might attract Qin Ning’s attention.

As the chairwoman of the Mian Foundation, Huo Mian gave a brief opening speech before the auction began.

Soon, Huo Siqian walked in, and he immediately placed a bid on a set of calligraphy that Huo Mian wrote herself for 30 million yuan.

She learned calligraphy as a young child and later practiced at home. Over the last few years, she barely spent any time perfecting her handwriting, but this piece was still top-notch.

This calligraphy set contained a phrase – the highest excellence is like that of water.

The piece started off at 500,000 yuan since Huo Mian wasn’t some famous celebrity. However, Huo Siqian immediately offered 30 million yuan.

After the host handed the calligraphy to Huo Siqian, his assistant made this generous payment.

Truth be told, Huo Mian was quite surprised to see Huo Siqian, as she didn’t think he would recover so soon.

Qin Chu’s expression upon seeing him was even uglier.

After paying for the calligraphy piece, he took a photo with Huo Mian before walking off the stage. Before he did, however, he gently whispered into her ear, “Mian, why didn’t you visit me at the hospital? What a heartless girl.”

“I’m sorry, but we’re not that close. Thank you for spending so much money on charity, I respect you for it. I’m busy, you have a good evening.” Huo Mian was unwilling to interact with Huo Siqian, so she looked for a random excuse to leave.

After Huo Mian left, Huo Siqian handed the calligraphy to his assistant before walking up to Qin Chu with a cane in his hand.

Huo Siyi stabbed Huo Siqian in both thighs, causing serious injuries. Therefore, he still had to walk with a cane.

The fact that he was semi-handicapped comforted Qin Chu; after all, after his plane crash, he had to walk with a cane as well.

“President Qin… Long-time no see,” Huo Siqian chuckled.



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