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(Someone I Cannot Forget (2)

“Yes, this is a song I recorded 10 years ago. Although it wasn’t heavily promoted or very famous, I still love this album. This is why I always play it in my car. Sometimes I wonder how many of us lose our original purpose and dreams as we live our lives. In the end, we don’t even recognize ourselves anymore. I guess I’m one of those people…”

“Actually, when I debuted 20 years ago, I was only a stupid young kid. Back then, I just wanted to sing; being a recording artist was so out of my reach I didn’t even imagine it. Afterward, I applied to a recording studio as an assistant, pouring coffee, and helping out here and there. I started from the very bottom and learned a lot of things. Eventually, Ms. Mei, the music director at the time, saw my hard work and gave me a chance at an audition. I covered an old English song and impressed a couple of professionals. They then packaged me and I made my debut. During my prime, I was performing in the nation’s largest stadium 18 times a year, with every concert completely sold-out, tickets impossible to get… At the time, I was even the spokesperson for a large beverage company, with endorsement fees all in the sky-high eight figures…”

Huo Mian actually listened to Jiang Ye’s mumblings.

She believed that everyone had their own unique incredible journeys and stories.

“What happened afterward?” Huo Mian asked.

“After that…haha, I got too famous and it went to my head. Making money was too easy for me. I watched as the cash rolled into my bank account every day, completely numbed by it all. Afterward, all kinds of women who were after fame and fortune appeared around me…Finding success at a young age wasn’t really a good thing for me… I was too young and too immature. I went in headfirst for everything and kept a very high profile. Afterward, I got tired of singing, thinking it was too much work. My agent then started to book acting gigs for me and I began my acting career. Later on, I grew tired of that as well… I don’t have the energy to do those things anymore… Right now, I actually really just want to find someone to marry.”

“What happened after? Did you find her?” Huo Mian looked at Jiang Ye’s profile curiously.

“Doctor Huo, are you joking? If I found her, would I be single in my 40s? Haha…”

“It’s not that no one wants you, it’s just that you haven’t found a woman who you’re willing to marry, that’s all,” Huo Mian replied.

Jiang Ye nodded. “That’s right. I’ve always thought that good women should be everywhere, but when I started to actually look for them, they’re as hard to find as pandas. I’ve been in this circle for too long and I know how dirty it is. There are no good women in the entertainment industry, only bitches. The difference is that some people are more honest about it, while others like Jian Tong hide it better… And me? I’m proud as can be and there’s no way I can spend a lifetime with a bitch. So, after many years of searching, I’m still single.”

“You can look outside the circle. Maybe a makeup artist, or an assistant, or… even a producer or writer…” Huo Mian urged.

“Forget it. When you’re in this circle, you’ll learn that no one’s exactly… clean. Whether it’s the makeup artists, producers, or even the part-time assistants, they’ll slowly conform to this environment…and begin to stink. I just want to get out of this circle… I’ve even thought about completely quitting and moving back to the countryside to find a girl there. We’d work in the fields and spend our days that way…”

“That does sound like a happy and simple lifestyle…” Huo Mian nodded in agreement.



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