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(Someone I Cannot Forget (7)

“The name of the girl is Nie Lingxi… and I think her nickname was Xixi or something. She looks fairly similar to her older sister and would definitely be a perfect substitute,” An said slowly.

“So it’s actually her…,” Su Yu said as he went deep in thought. He was unfamiliar with Xixi because she was Rick’s ex-girlfriend. He didn’t have a chance to get to know her or have conversations with her even though they had met a few times before.

“How about this, President Su… give Ms. Huo a call. I think she will definitely help you for something small like this,” An urged him.

Su Yu thought for a good while but shook his head and declined the suggestion.

“Nevermind, we will take responsibility for the loss. It’s a business affair, and I don’t want to owe Huo Mian this favor. Just forget about this. You can leave now,” surprisingly, Su Yu rejected An’s suggestion.

“But President Su, we…” An was cut off by Su Yu before he could even say anything.

“Go out now, don’t mention this ever again.”

Su Yu’s feelings for Huo Mian were hidden deep inside his mind even though no one could tell from the outside.

He actually cared about Huo Mian even more. He also envied Qin Chu’s selfless and unconditional love towards Huo Mian. Qin Chu always put Huo Mian as his first priority. That was why Su Yu rather take some loss himself than have Huo Mian owe someone a favor.

An felt extremely gloomy. He didn’t know what his boss was thinking, but he knew that Huo Mian could solve this easily.

After pondering for a while, An gave Huo Mian a call. After all, he had built a relationship with Huo Mian and the twins after staying with them for three years.

“Hello, An?” Huo Mian was in a meeting, but she walked away and picked up the call quietly after seeing that it was from An.

She knew that this man wouldn’t call her randomly. It must be something important for him to call.

“President Huo, I’ve encountered some troubles on my end. This is what happened…” An told Huo Mian everything that happened.

“What can I help you guys with?” Huo Mian asked calmly.

“You just need to give Ms. Nie’s younger sister, Xixi, a call to persuade her to substitute her sister in acting the remaining parts of the drama. That way we can wrap up the whole drama and won’t delay the agenda and schedule of the film.”

“Okay, I’ll call her right away.”

“President Huo, President Su doesn’t know about this yet. I called you behind his back because he didn’t want to bother you and rather take the loss…”

“I understand Su Yu was thinking for me. I know the situation now. Just leave everything to me and I’ll get Xixi to the studio shortly.”

“That sounds great! Thank you, President Huo.” An was delighted.

“No worries. Su Yu’s problems are also my problems.” Huo Mian was happy because it was rare that she could help Su Yu out.

She contacted Xixi immediately. Xixi was also very helpful and took public transit to the studio after Huo Mian requested.

Su Yu went with the others to visit Nie Lingxuan in the hospital. He left after finding out that she was doing fine.

– Inside the Bentley –

Su Yu suddenly thought of the things for the studio. “How did you arrange over there? Have you notified all the partners about the delay?”

An lowered his head and remained silent.

“Don’t you hear me talking to you? Are you playing mind games with me or pretending to be mute?” Su Yu looked at An amusingly.

“President Su, Miss Nie’s younger sister already substituted her and finished all the remaining scenes…”

“Didn’t her little sister already reject us?” Su Yu suddenly realized something after saying the sentence and looked at An angrily. “How dare you call Huo Mian behind my back?”

“Sorry, President Su. I’m thinking for the interest of the company.” An lowered his head out of guilt.



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