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( Leave it to the Heavens to Punish that Bitch (7)

As Huo Siqian turned around to leave, Huo Mian muttered to herself. “What a psycho.”

However, she knew that Huo Siqian was referring to what he said to her when they had been kidnapped. Huo Siqian dreamt of taking her away to a small island in the ocean – he had painted a perfect picture in his head.

She didn’t want Qin Chu to worry about her, so she chose not to say anything. After all, Huo Siqian was completely a madman.

Wei Liao left soon after Su Yu, but Tang Chuan stayed until the last minute.

Yet, he had no more opportunities to talk to Qin Ning, until the party had almost ended. Finally, Tang Chuan found Qin Ning alone, drinking water by the door; he immediately walked up to her, took off his suit jacket and placed it over Qin Ning’s shoulders. “Here, wear this, or you’ll catch a cold.”

Qin Ning was a bit startled when she turned around, and she was just about to politely decline. “I’m fine…”

But, Tang Chuan had already left with a smile on his face.

“What’s going on, Ning, are you close friends with Tang Chuan?” Huo Mian gossiped upon seeing what happened.

“No, Sis-in-Law, I have no idea what he wants with me. He scared me half to death,” Qin Ning replied, helplessly taking the blazer off her shoulders. She was just about to cast it aside when she noticed that the blazer was from one of her favorite luxury brands.

The brand was hard to buy and their clothes were all handmade by a gay Italian designer.

The designer was a fashion genius who always created the most amazing pieces.

Qin Ning liked this brand and owned some of the designer’s clothes herself. Therefore, she didn’t have the heart to leave it at the hotel and decided to take it home with her.

After a hard day’s work, the ball finally ended, and Qin Chu and Huo Mian drove their tired bodies home.

“We got around 70 million yuan in donations tonight… I called South Side and told them that we will be donating this money to children with leukemia whose families can’t afford to undergo bone marrow transplants. I really hope we can save more lives.”

“Sounds good, honey.” Qin Chu knew that ever since Huo Mian became a mother, she’s been contributing to children-related charity.

“The little witches aren’t home tonight, our home is really a lot more peaceful,” Huo Mian chuckled, and Qin Chu replied with a laugh, “As the dad, I feel like I’m jealous by how close they are with Su Yu…”

“Grow up, will you?” Huo Mian laughed.

“I don’t need to grow up with my wife and kids.”

“Okay, you win, you’re supposed to be the man who conquers the world, but your daughters completely conquered you.”

“That’s a good thing. If I spoil my daughters rotten, they’ll never be bullied,” Qin Chu said as he drove.

“You’re right… if you keep spoiling them, no one will dare to bully them, and no one will marry them once they grow up.” Huo Mian was becoming more worried by the day, wondering what kind of boyfriends the twins will date in the future.

Most importantly, will anyone date them in the future?

“They have future boyfriends already, no?” Qin Chu tilted his head at Huo Mian, who didn’t know what he was talking about. “Hm?”

“Wei Yunchu and Gao Boyuan, one for Little Bean and one for Pudding,” Qin Chu said.

“Hahahaha…” Huo Mian burst into rabid laughter.

“Honey, can you not laugh so evilly?” Qin Chu asked, feeling speechless.

“Honey, if Lingling and Xiaowei hear what you just said, they’ll go crazy,” Huo Mian laughed as she covered her belly.

“Weren’t they the ones that brought up the idea in the first place?” Qin Chu asked proudly.

“Times have changed, my dear, take a look at your daughters! They’ve bullied Wei Yunchu so much that he doesn’t even have the guts to complain, and he hides in Xiaowei’s lap whenever we see them… Gao Boyuan rarely even comes to our gatherings and runs away as soon as he sees them, they’ve scared him out of his wits… That’s how scary your daughters are, people are literally running away from them!”

“Come on, they’re still young, they’ll become less mischievous with age,” Qin Chu said hopefully.

Upon hearing Qin Chu’s wishful thinking, Huo Mian burst out laughing again.




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