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(Career or Woman? (8)

“How can there be someone as thick-skinned as you? Who would like you?!” Qin Ning truly never met anyone like Tang Chuan and was made completely speechless by him.

In the end, she decided to ignore him.

When the dishes were served, Qin Ning, who was out in the mountains all morning, was so hungry that she dug right in, munching down the food like a starving bunny.

The food in front of her was quietly annihilated…

Tang Chuan watched happily as Qin Ning ate, and he even secretly took a video of her.

Then, he uploaded the video onto WeChat with the caption – I just caught a cutie.

Su Yu: “She looks familiar.”

Huo Mian: “Is that our Ningning?”

Wei Liao: “Young Master Tang, you’re so good at picking up girls!”

In a split second, dozens commented, yet Tang Chuan didn’t reply to anyone since he was busy chatting Qin Ning up.

He was so used to pretentious women keeping their perfect composure as they ate, so he was amazed by how real Qin Ning was.

“What are you looking at? Are there flowers on my face?” Feeling helpless, Qin Ning rolled her eyes at Tang Chuan, who replied with a laugh. “Yeah, I see peach blossoms everywhere! I will wait here for you and then we can enjoy the peach blossoms together,” Tang Chuan even began singing. It was obvious that he was in a bright mood.

“Are you crazy…” Qin Ning said, completely speechless.

“I am, what are you going to do about it? Do you have the medicine to cure me?”

Qin Ning decided then and there that she couldn’t finish her lunch in peace, so she waved an arm at a waitress. “Check please!”


The waitress looked somewhat enviously at Qin Ning. “This gentleman had already paid.”

Qin Ning turned her head at Tang Chuan. “How much was it? I’ll give you the money.”

“It’s fine, my treat.”

“I don’t need you to treat me, I have money,” Qin Ning snapped back.

“That’s not important. What’s important is that you’re a visitor from afar, and I’m the host. It’s normal for me to treat my friend to lunch, don’t think too much about it,” Tang Chuan laughed.

“Stop flattering yourself, we’re not friends…”

“It’s okay, as long as I think of you as my friend, haha. I’m nice that way.” Tang Chuan still acted in a thick-skinned manner, making Qin Ning feel at a loss for words.

So, she stood up to leave. “Forget it, I’m leaving.”

“Where are you going? I can drive you.”

“It’s fine, I drove here,” Qin Ning refused without thinking.

“Hey, come on, can’t you give me a chance? Is Su Yu really your type?”

Qin Ning paused upon hearing Su Yu’s name. “At least Su Yu makes and spends his own money, but what about you? You’re just squandering, are you happy that you’re mooching off your parents? What if they die one day? Who are you going to rely on then? Your inheritance?” Qin Ning’s sharp questions left Tang Chuan a little stunned.

Before he could respond, Qin Ning left without looking back.

After getting onto her car, she instinctively looked behind her and sighed in relief when she realized that Tang Chuan didn’t follow her out. She knew what she said just now was a little too much – after all, he didn’t really do anything wrong.

The twins once told her that Tang Chuan was an utter and complete second-generation heir who had had all the money in the world since he was born. Therefore, he grew up doing nothing, refusing to work at the family company and spent most of his days traveling the world.

He drank, flirted with girls, and burnt money… Qin Ning didn’t like people like him, so she had a bad impression of Tang Chuan from the very beginning.

After Qin Ning left, Tang Chuan sat on his seat in a daze… thinking carefully at what she just said to him.




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