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(Leave it to the Heavens to Punish that Bitch (3)

“Uncle Tang, you’re not usually one to kiss-ass… What do you want?” Little Bean looked at Tang Chuan with disdain, but the latter continued to shower them with compliments. “What in the world would I want from you guys? I was telling the truth… you guys are pretty to begin with, and with those outfits, you’re the center of attention tonight!”

“So?” Pudding asked calmly.

“So I thought I should tell you guys about it, you deserve to know the truth.”

“No thanks, everyone here knows we’re pretty… It’s lame to hear people repeat it to us every single day. Thanks though, Uncle Tang,” Pudding said mercilessly, and the twins went back to slurping their ice-creams and ignoring Tang Chuan.

“Ahem, um, Pudding, is everyone from the Qin Family really good looking?” Tang Chuan purposely looked for stuff to talk about.

“Are you trying to ask me why Auntie is so pretty?” Pudding’s gaze swept past Tang Chuan’s face.

“Pudding, you’re a really smart kid, haha, no wonder Yu likes you so much.”

“Hey, come on, Handsome Su likes both of us, not just my sister. Watch your words, okay? You shouldn’t piss off a person just to please the other. How can someone your age be so careless? I truly worry about you…” Little Bean said unhappily.

“You’re right, Little Bean, I was wrong… Ha, don’t be mad at me, okay? Oh, right, I heard you two really like Richard Clayderman, he’s coming to C City next month to perform and it just so happens that I bought all the VIP tickets in the first row… Are you two interested? I can give them to you for free, they’re seats you can’t even buy with money now!” Tang Chuan had been trying to bribe the twins, so when he heard from Su Yu that the twins’ favorite pianist was coming to town, he generously bought all the first-row VIP tickets at a ridiculously high price without hesitation.

To his surprise, however, Little Bean glanced at him before replying, “No, it’s okay, there’s going to be a lot of people at the concert… we don’t like squeezing around in the crowd.”

“But I thought you guys really like Richard Clayderman, are you really going to let this chance slip through your fingers?” Unwilling to give up, Tang Chuan continued to lure them into taking the tickets.

“Of course not, our auntie actually knows him, and we had dinner with him when we were in the States… our auntie said after the concert, she’s going to ask him to come to our house and teach us piano… You should save your tickets for all the girls you’re trying to pick up, but thanks for the gesture, Uncle Tang,” Little Bean said as she patted Tang Chuan on the shoulder, making the latter feel as if he had just sat on a tack.

What in the world… Richard Clayderman and Qin Ning were friends? Why in the world did he spend so much money on those VIP tickets then? Was he an idiot?

“Pudding, your auntie’s a really successful businesswoman in the United States, isn’t she?” Tang Chuan probed.

“I guess, everyone in the family learns business at a young age. When my auntie was 13, she already began sitting in board meetings and meeting clients with my Grandpa, she’s used to it already,” Pudding replied proudly.

“Sitting in board meetings at the age of thirteen?” Tang Chuan repeated in bewilderment; he was almost thirty, yet he barely attended any of his family businesses’ board meetings.

This comparison made him feel a speck of shame…

“Then… did your auntie have a boyfriend while she was in the States? Was he American or Asian?” Tang Chuan continued prying information.



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